Living in a same-day world

I was reading in Wired Magazine that some of the bigger retailers in the U.S. are going to same-day delivery on some items, and are testing it in some of the bigger trade areas in the country.

I?ve got big news for them. I have had same-day delivery ever since I moved to Hillsboro in 1977. All I do is go down the street, for example to the hardware store, and get what I need and I can have what I want in 10 minutes. No shipping either, which at times has become a bigger expense than the item itself.

I heard on ?Jimmy Kimmel? that Wal-Mart is even considering having shoppers deliver items to people in their own neighborhoods for a discount.

Kimmel said if you had a $25 discount or a $2,000 TV in your possession, which one would you like to have. But then, you could only do that once.


In all my years of walking around town I have found a total of 52 cents. If you lost a penny in front of the pop machines at Dale?s, I have it.


My space bar trick from last week got even better. A Mr. Hiebert from Florida emailed me that if you hold the shift key down while using the space bar the web page will scroll up one page. Nifty.


I really hate to lose. Espec?ially this past Friday night when my Jayhawks blew a 14-point lead late in the game. It really stinks for about a day or so and then I come back to my senses.

First, it is nearly impossible to win every game. In fact, no team has done it for years and years. When you look back and see that the Jayhawk?s record was 31-6 in a rebuilding year, most people would take it.

Then if you will remember the 2008 National Championship game between KU and Memphis, the shoe was on the other foot. Memphis led by 10 points late and KU came storming back to tie the game at the buzzer with a long three-pointer. KU then had the momentum in overtime and won going away.

Derek Rose of Memphis could have put the game away by making free throws, just like KU could have but didn?t.

At least each school not making the final four gets a do-over. It?s called next season. And I?ll be just as eager to watch next time around.


Everyone who picked Wichita State to be in the final four in their bracket, raise your hand.

I?ll have to say that watching the Shockers take down Ohio State was a thrill. Although I doubt it will quell the Big 10 bias of CBS announcers.

I hope the Shocks have two monster games left. That would be awesome to have the national championship back in Kansas, and it would go to a most deserving basketball team and coach.


I wonder if the cost of living in a next-day world has been fully analyzed. Why do we live in a next-day or same-day world when it comes to needing stuff anyway?


Our door closer at the office recently started leaking oil and closing oddly, so I decided to fix it. (It?s still the closer that came with the door that was used at Walter?s Shoe Repair.)

Since the old closers are obsolete, I had to get a different model that has holes that don?t match the old style. I became acquainted with tap and die, which I have never done before.


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