Listing all the places I?ve lived

I was curious the other day about how many places I have lived so far in my life, so I made this list of them. I counted 19 in all, not including college years in dorms and apartments.

The neat thing is that with Google maps and street scenes, I can still look at these places. Except one of the houses was moved to another spot in Mountain Lake, Minn., but I saw where it was on my 50th-year pilgrimage back there in 2005.

The first house I lived in was in Mountain Lake on Third Avenue. I lived there my first nine years until we moved to Hillsboro in 1955. I remember sitting on the front porch with a friend and starting paper on fire with bunches of batteries we had wired together from the telephone company?s junk pile.

The first place my family lived in Hillsboro was at 311 S. Adams, which is home to Tabor College students now. We got our first TV while living there and it was black and white. Amazing.

Then my parents bought 210 S. Adams and we lived there for a few years. It had a great big backyard, which was great for all kinds of activities including shooting cans in the air with firecrackers.

To my mom?s dismay, my dad bought 107 N. Lincoln at an auction. It was a project that turned out pretty good after a few years of work.

The next places I lived were college dorms and apartments at Bethel College and the Univer?sity of Kansas.

In 1967, Nancy and I were married and as a wedding gift from her dad we lived at 711 W. Grand with free rent until fall, when we moved to Lawrence.

We found an upstairs apartment at 13th & Vermont. A young family with two kids lived downstairs and I worked with him at the KU Printing Service.

When the family moved out downstairs at 13th & Vermont, we took it over. And brother Mark moved in upstairs.

At that time, I felt I needed to try to make something out of myself and took a job with Jostens and moved to the East Coast. We stayed for a month at a Cambridge, Md., motel until we rented an apartment in the upstairs of a house on Pine Street.

Not long after we arrived in Cambridge, my boss was killed in a plane crash and the new boss wasn?t my type?plus, we were homesick for Kansas and family. So we loaded everything into a U-Haul trailer and headed west.

Next stop was 3020 Iowa, Lawrence, where we purchased a mobile home. Soon after, we sold it and bought our first house at 937 Maine, just a block and a half from Memorial Stadium, which suited me fine.

A job offer I couldn?t refuse with the Wichita Sun took us to our next home at 441 N. Broad?view, Wichita. It was a really nice house in College Hill.

When the Sun set, the next move was to a mobile home rental in Hillcrest Motel Mobile Home Park. We lived there a couple of months, waiting to take possession of 506 S. Adams.

Then we built a new home at 908 East D.

Next, we traded for the house 315 S. Adams, then sold it and moved to a rental that I owned on North Main. This home wasn?t big enough for a family with two kids, so we went back to my old street and bought 214 S. Adams.

An opportunity came to sell 214 and move to the apartment in downtown Hillsboro at 105 S. Main. It will be 10 years this August living here.

I wonder what it is like to live in the same house one?s whole life?

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