Lessons learned at reunion

The annual Hillsboro High School All-School Reunion is in the books, thanks to Delores Dalke, Sharon Boese, Marilyn Ensz and our humor man and emcee Max Heinrichs, an HHS grad and current principal. We also appreciate the assistance provided by Nicole Suderman, Chamber of Commerce president, and Renee Gilkey, Chamber director, for helping keep track of the money and registrations.

Attendance was up from last year by almost 40. We hope everyone enjoyed the event and will be back again next year.

We tried some new things this time, but found out that it didn?t work out as planned. We didn?t anticipate the space needed for the new social hour and the number of chairs needed. Selling tickets at the gate was new and I believe it has merit. But we need to have more people helping at check-in time.

That?s why they make next year, right?


We spoke with grandsons Alex and Louie last Thurs?day, the eve of the last day of school at Mary Lin Elementary in Atlanta.

Alex is moving on to middle school and seemed a little melancholy about it. Then little brother chimed in and says, ?and Tuesday was your last recess ever.?


In the getting your money?s worth category?.

Twelve years ago I sold one of our used mowers to a young couple who were just getting started with setting up house and home for $15.

She told me last week that I had said back then if it didn?t start and allow them to mow their yard for at least three times I would give them their money back.

I don?t remember saying that, but I feel good about it since I did. They are now just getting a new mower and I was told they didn?t have any trouble with the mower the whole time.


Marion?s Chingawassa Days is just around the corner and I?m looking forward to hearing Michael Brookens? vocal group, Six Appeal, perform Friday, June 5. I hear they are extremely good at what they do and perform acapella.

For complete information about Chingawassa Days and prices go to: chingawassa.com. This Web site is very well done.


I?m a little disappointed that Adam Lambert wasn?t the winner of ?American Idol? this season. He brought style and polish (even on his nails) to the competition the likes I haven?t seen before.

Danny Gokey was my second choice. I think those who voted for Gokey went for Kris Allen in the finals to put him over the top. The talent these contestants bring to the table is absolutely amazing.


Bucky Covington, of ?Ameri?can Idol? fame, is coming to the Marion County Fair at 8 p.m. Friday, July 31. There is a link on his Web site for the Marion County Fair but it?s another Marion County. So don?t pay attention to it.


I?m thinking I should start a blog for the All-School Reunion or a Facebook page. Construc?tive feedback anyone wants to give will be appreciated


I?m now on Facebook. Still don?t know much about using it, but all of the younger folks around here can tell me what to do, which is nice. I posted a video of the Yakima Speedway just to see if I could do it.

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