Landscape changes to the north

The rain line isn’t far north of here. On a quick trip to Lincoln, Neb., Friday, I was amazed at the difference in how the corn looks just north of here compared with our burned-up crop.

Once you get past Abilene, the crops are a luscious green. I saw in a Nebraska newspaper that they might be looking at a record crop this season.

According to the prices I saw at Cooperative Grain & Supply headquarters this morning, I wish I had bins full of beans to sell at around $13 per bushel.

Unfortunately, abundant rain is not something we can count each year in these parts.

My mom’s uncle Leonard Schroeder would be the right guy to have in charge of our country right now. He was as frugal as they come.

I was told that when he got undressed at night he would put the sock from the right foot into the left shoe and the left sock into the right shoe, so that when he got dressed in the morning each sock would get even wear by alternating feet.

I’m not saying we should be that frugal, but something close to it.

When I got up to walk Sunday morning, I had this pain in my right thigh that made it hard to think about getting two miles in that day. But with some stretching and whatnot, I was able to get the job done.

My first thought was that I had Jake Leg—a term I had heard when I was in high school for those who walked and dragged one leg behind.

Not knowing exactly what Jake Leg meant, I searched the Web and learned it was a term given to those who were slightly paralyzed from drinking bad liquor—referring to a Jamaican drink named Jake.

If I was enrolling in high school this fall, I would be in the 59th grade.

I am still working on getting past Hillsboro High School yearbooks posted online as part of the All School Reunion committee’s initiative to help anyone connected with Hillsboro High find out anything they can’t remember from their high school days.

I have found there are no yearbooks from the years 1941-1945. It seems like I have been told that is because during the war years no books were produced.

If someone could verify that for me, I would appreciate it.

I remember taking a class at KU where I sat in the back of the room and, as it was a 7:30 a.m. class, was known to nod off now and then.

One day the instructor said: “Mr. Klaassen, have you stopped beating your wife?” Since I didn’t really hear the question and just my name I blurted out that I couldn’t answer that question.

Turns out that my answer was exactly correct. It was an example of a question that makes you look bad if you answer yes or no—yes means you used to beat your wife and no means you still do.

Nancy was at market this past weekend so I went grocery shopping by myself.

I should have paid better attention during the times I’ve gone with her. Anyway, I just acted like I knew what I was doing and came home with $50 worth.

I didn’t even use a list.

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