KU tourney games are stressful

If time (and money) were no object, I would have been in Chicago this past weekend to watch my Jay?hawks. It?s hard to explain, but these tournament games always have me tied up in knots.

One has to wonder, though, how so many people are able to pony up $100 to $500 per ticket, not to mention the travel expense, to attend these events.

I?m going to miss running into Marion resident Jim Helfer, who died recently.

I learned to know him 30 years ago as one of the gentlemen golfers from
Newton who came to play in the Hillsboro Golf Club tournaments.

Every time I saw him in later years, after he moved to Marion, he was genuinely interested in how I was doing.


We?ve launched a new Web site for the Hillsboro Free
Press. This is after having had our site hosted with a large
corporation since 1999.

We feel there is so much more we can do
if we have greater control over our site. The new site went live last
Thursday, but not without a few glitches. Please bear with us as we
make the transition.

Our plan is to bring you the latest and
most complete information possible for Hillsboro and the area. We would
welcome your comments and suggestions.


With the warmer weather, we decided to put the park benches back out in front of Nancy?s store.

moving the benches from the garage to the sidewalk, I noticed that some
of the little bolts holding them together had come loose or were

It?s a mystery how those little devils can come loose.
Could the vehicles that drive by each day vibrate them to the point of
coming loose?


I don?t know about the rest of you
but I have discovered that I am not smarter than a fifth grader. It
occurred to me, too, that I hadn?t needed to know the answer to any of
the questions until I saw them on that game show.


trying to figure out what it means when so few people show up for the
legislative coffee put on Saturday by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.

one of the easiest methods of registering your concerns with Rep. Don
Dahl and Sen. Jim Barnett. Plus, there was free coffee and coffee cake.


Here are two things that concern me about our fine state:

March 2001, Kansas has lost 26,100 private sector jobs and has added
15,700 government jobs. Kansas? government debt has grown from $424
million in 1992 to $3.95 billion in 2005, an increase of 832 percent.

Manufacturing, located where Quilts & Quiltracks and the Mennonite
Brethren Church office are now, was one of the early cornerstones of
Hillsboro industry at 132 N. Main.

It was owned by Levi T.
Buller, who also was Hillsboro?s mayor for a number of years. The
company was known for the coupler hitch and mineral feeders, which are
still manufactured today in Hillsboro by Prairie Products.

It was impressive to see how employees took flat pieces of metal and stamped them into the parts to make their products.

a printer in the early 1960s, one of my jobs was to print letter-size
promotional flyers for the mineral feeders on green paper with black

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