KU Relays is a fond memory

I wish I could have gone to the KU Relays two weekends ago. Not because of anything in particular, but because I always enjoy seeing the great athletes that show up for the event each year.

I remember being there in the 1960s when a group of relay teams from Texas Southern burned up the track and won practically all of the relay events. I had never seen such blazing speed before.

(My memory is really pretty good; I googled ?Texas Southern? after I wrote the preceding paragraph and learned that they won all six relays in 1962).

Now I read where they have moved some events, like the shotput, to downtown Lawrence. They probably won?t be moving the javelin down there anytime soon.


I heard this story from an old friend?actually not so old, just long-time?the other day and haven?t been able to quit laughing since.

Let me explain. Every family or workplace probably has a person in that circle who corrects what we say or how we write or spell something.

For example, if someone said, ?I saw three coyotes on the way to work today? that watchdog person (my friend) would probably then say, ?And where do those coyotes work?? To fix it you would say, ?I saw three coyotes on my way to work today.?


First there was no winter. Now June weather is here in May. I don?t mind the heat, but the humidity can go away.


If you are trying to schedule a meeting with a large group of people, the Internet offers some neat solutions.

I learned of one last week and have already used it. It is called doodle.com and it is free to use. As people respond, it will narrow what time meets with most people?s schedules.


We are extremely happy for Natalie and Nathan Hoffman with the birth of their son, Austin Jentry, a couple of weeks ago. He is one handsome baby boy.


I haven?t really watched Major League Baseball since I went on strike in 1992. But I was staying with a friend who was watching, so I joined in. The game was the Royals and the Yankees, and I decided to check on Google what tickets might cost. Box seats behind home plate at Kaufman Stadium are $208 a piece; in Yankee Stadium they are listed on the website for only $707 for one game. What was neat was that the seats also showed a photo of how the field looks from that vantage point.

I hear these box seats include food and drink. I would hope so.


The next day I was reading that Albert Pujols makes $24 million per year, which works out to a paltry $148,148 per game assuming he plays in all 162 games. That is after going this year to the Angels, where he hasn?t hit a home run yet and is now booed instead of revered like he was in St. Louis. Well, none of my business anyway.


I also read about a new airline ticket purchasing strategy in the Eagle?s travel section that makes perfect sense to me.

What you do is go online and go through the process until you get to the seat-selection part.

If there are a lot of seats available, then you might wait for a better price. If the flight is almost full, it?s time to buy.

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