KU-OU game still exciting

I thought my heart was go?ing to stop during the triple-overtime game with KU and OU Jan. 4. What a thriller! I have never seen a game like it in the 60-plus years I?ve been watching basketball.

Sunrise Academy sent a team to the Trojan Classic this year, but not a team with the caliber of their standout alum, Buddy Hield. Without his 46 points versus KU, OU wouldn?t have come even close to winning the game. When Hield is on offense, you think everything he shoots is going in.

Feb. 13 is the return match in Norman. I will be on the edge of my seat again that night.


I know two young boys who are brothers and ap?parently are fighting all of the time. The only time they aren?t fighting is when they are watching a video of themselves fighting.


I thought I would do some walking while in Atlanta, and thought it might be on the chilly side, so took along a pair of gloves. It was a pair all right, but a pair of left-hand gloves. I must have a pair just like it at home.

So I?m walking on the Atlanta Beltline and got to thinking if I passed out someone might take my right hand and try to straighten it out, seeing the wrong glove on that hand.


I mentioned a few weeks back I found ?Captain Billy?s Whiz Bang? on Ama?zon and bought it. I have been reading this 100-year-old material and find some of it quite interesting.

One item is attributed to Mark Twain on prohibition and temperance.

Twain says: ?I am a friend of prohibition and temperance, and I want it to succeed, but I don?t think prohibition is practical. The Germans, you see, prevent it. Look at them. They have just invented a way to make brandy out of sawdust. Now, what chance will prohibition have when a man can take a rip saw and go out and get drunk with a fence rail? What is the good of prohibition if a man is able to make brandy mashes out of the shingles on his roof, or if he can get delirium tremens (the DTs) by drinking the legs off of his kitchen table??


Atlanta has more places to eat out than ever before. We haven?t been here for about a year and a half, and new options seem to pop up on every corner. Plus, our favorites are still open, so the number of choices keep growing.

We had sushi New Year?s Eve at Mali, a Thai restaurant that Amy and George really like, and it was amazing. I had the Salmon with a bit of cream cheese.

A few nights earlier we went ot SoBo?s, which is a Vietnamese restaurant in what seemed like a residential neighborhood.

It was raining cats and dogs that night. We were seated on a converted porch where the water was pouring in under the outside wall. We moved to higher ground and enjoyed that place immensely.


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