KU, KSU on par in Big XII?

Just when I think I have things figured out, I don?t. Never would I have thought that KU and K-State would have identical records at this time of the season in Big XII play. Both are winless, but by the end of the season I believe it will be a much different story.


Whatever Texas Tech ate before its game with the Jayhawks on Satur?day I want to make sure I never eat any of it.

Either KU?has improved or Tech was really off of its game.


The Tabor Bluejays are for real. I was consuming football in a number of ways this past Saturday. Streaming Tabor and watching KU and K-State on the TV. Some live, some recorded.

When the Tabor game was coming down to the wire in the fourth quarter, I drove over to the stadium and watched until the end of the game. What a finish.


If you want to catch the coaches show after the game, the entire game and the interview with Dylan Delk, go to the Tabor Sports link on the Free Press home page to find it on demand. It will be the Tabor vs. Kansas Wesleyan game.


We had a great 90th birthday party for Nancy?s mom Sunday at Parkside Congregate commons. What made it even more special was that Dave and Sally were able to come from Los Angeles. Early on, we didn?t think they would be able to worked it out.

It was a nice gathering and I thought the refreshments were superb.


I snuck over to Joel H. Wiens Stadium last Monday night to see what our JV?football team was like. I feel like things will be looking up for the years ahead.

They were putting a shellacking on the Lyons JV team, so when our boys become juniors and seniors I think our fortunes will change.


I ran out of time to pick up an audio book for my trip to Iowa last week. Makes for a long ride to Des Moines when it?s only me.

When I got to the hotel, they didn?t have a room for me and no evidence that our group was meeting there.

I found out I was supposed to be at a different hotel than the one we usually had our meetings. Luckily, it was quite close by and I didn?t lose much time.


One of our sessions included national and local representatives from the U.S. Postal Service.

They explained in detail why things are like they are now with mail service. It all makes sense when you hear it firsthand.

They have made lots of cuts in service in order to bring costs in line with revenues. The biggest one is cutting processing centers from 425 to 350 across the country. The next one is cutting hours at the smaller, rural post offices, which has affected us the most, as well as cutting back on level of service for first-class mail.


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