KU game a “sellout” for greed

I?m still fuming about this past Saturday night?s football game at Arrowhead Stadium. And it?s not because my Jayhawks lost the game. It?s because of the greed that has crept into college sports.

I do pin this loss directly on the backs of the KU administration. What is home-field advantage for if you don?t use it to your advantage?

No amount of money could replace the good that could have come with a win. And it would have been more likely in Lawrence, where the entire stadium would have been partisan except for a few Tiger fans who would have been located in the far ends of the stadium and wouldn?t have had much effect.

Would you trade a better opportunity for 12-0 and No. 1 in the country for a few million bucks? Not me.

Also, subjecting the fans to a drunken crowd doesn?t make sense to me either. I know some fans who left their hotel at 5 p.m. and didn?t sit in their seats until sometime in the second quarter after being nearly trampled to death in the process.

  • Do you ever wonder if woodpeckers get headaches?

  • All of the TV talking heads could do is blather about how great Missouri is when they barely escaped with a win. If KU gets the onside kick recovered with about two minutes left when trailing 34-28, they probably go down the field and score for a 35-34 win. OK, I?m over it.

  • The best sign held up during the game was: ?KU Football. A tradition since September.?

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  • While at the dentist the other day, I learned that some of my fillings are wearing out and need to be replaced. I have forgotten what kind of I have but was told they only last about 15 years.

    Some fillings are supposed to last for 30 years or more, so given the choice I went for the 30-year ones. I don?t want to be replacing fillings again but might have to if I hit 100.

  • We are really looking forward to this next weekend when son Dan comes to visit for a few days. We haven?t seen him since the last video conference we did on the computer.

  • Speaking of computer stuff, there are more gadgets out there than you can shake a stick at.

    I was looking on the Griffin Technologies site recently and found two useful things.

    One is called Radio Shark 2, which allows you to record live AM or FM radio and listen to it later, or to pause live radio while you attend to something more urgent.

    The other is Rocket FM, which lets you to broadcast your iPod or computer source through an existing radio. It finds a frequency that is not in use and broadcasts through it. Neither item is more than $50.

  • I was thinking about Frances Brunner the other day and how great it was to know her. She used to do our ironing in her house on North Lincoln and didn?t charge near enough. When we tried to pay more, she wouldn?t take it, saying the ironing was good for her arthritis. She always had words of encouragement and a heart made of gold.

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