Klaassen hasn’t had local issues

I take exception to what the writer of the letter to the editor wrote in last week’s Free Press. I believe the situation in town isn’t as bleak as he tells it, and I don’t have a clue who the business bullies might be.

We moved back to Hillsboro in 1977 and no store owner or employee has told me to “Get the Hell Out!” even once or anyplace else either for that matter.

Most online merchants don’t charge sales tax which gives them an 8.5 percent advantage off the top. We are supposed to voluntarily pay the sales tax, I think, on merchandise we have purchased online or out of state on our Kansas returns but I bet there are precious few who do.

I have never seen an online merchant sponsor anything locally that your children have benefited from, have you?

I learned by accident how to remove a sliver in your finger that you cannot see. Somehow one got in my finger and I couldn’t see it but sure could feel it when I touched something with that finger.

We were watching the fair parade in front of the Insurance Center and I ran my fingers up and down the bricks and all of a sudden the pricking sensation was gone. I don’t believe it would work on smooth bricks, though.

I think Carla Hamm is on to something with her Mama C’s takeout idea. Her customer service is very good.

We had meatball sliders with salad bar by the pound and everything was tasty and not expensive.

We will definitely go back. I love to see the younger people get involved in the business community.

I’ve been paying attention to ads for back-up generators which may be a good investment if the Russian hackers can take down our antiquated electrical grid as easily as it sounds. I have seen where it will take three trillion dollars to bring our grid up to speed.

Oh well. Everything costs money. I always thought utility companies were supposed to set money aside to update their systems as they went.

A lot of the technology is leaving me in the dust. I found out recently that some of our friends have purchased an Alexa or something similar to ask or tell her to do something and she does. They did it because their kids already had it.

I can’t get one because it can’t understand me.

I have been infatuated with drones ever since they came out. I saw a terrific use for them on TV. Someplace they were flying them over the ocean near a beach to see if any sharks were nearby. I saw one for $99 which was easy to fly. There was no menton of a certification needed.

Perhaps it is only a coincidence but man’s best friend can’t talk.

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