KFC isn’t for fried chicken

We learned from Byron when we were in Jamaica, that the world’s largest KFC is located in Montego Bay and they are not known for Jerk Chicken.

The KFC doesn’t stand for Kentucky Fried Chick­en but rather “Keep From Cooking” or “Keep Fat Com­ing.” Friday night is the time and he said the wait can be up to one and a half hours and that sometimes they run out.

I’m sitting here looking around my home office on Jan. 31 and noticing that I am not finished cleaning it up and Stuart Isaac is coming next week to clean the carpet. I have a small reprieve in that I just have to have it in shape to take out the things on the floor that need to move out and some of it can stay in here. Whew!

I have had this nagging pain in my back for more than a year now since I fell off the steps from the garage into the house falling backward, and I think I have found a solution for it right here in Hillsboro at our hospital.

I have been going to the pain clinic run by Vikki Gambrell and I can tell you she is one smart lady. We started out with dry and wet needles to go and medicate the nerves on my facets on my spine. I received immediate relief from this procedure but it is not to be permanent.

I have now graduated from those first procedures to a longer lasting procedure that involves a similar process but in the case of this week, she burned off the nerves which should provide longer relief from six months to a year or longer instead of days or weeks. And this time there was a bonus in that my ribs no longer hurt from a recent fall.

I sure am glad they figured out how to keep the hospital open for people like me who need it—as well as others.

There was a sign at the swimming pool that said, “Pool is open 24 hours. Don’t enter any other time.”

While in Jamaica I was in the resort swimming pool and thought that water volleyball might be a good way to exercise and in the water I couldn’t possibly fall down, right? So I moved near the game and asked these great big guys if I could play. And they said, “Sure. Jump in the back row.”

I played for a while without the ball coming my way and then all of a sudden the sun disappeared and the ball whacked me in the head.

So I said, “I’ll see you later.” Never saw the ball coming.

The procedure I had done has a name. Radio Frequency Ablation. It is done without anesthesia but with a mild sedative like Valium. Never had that before. Now I know why the Stepford Wives made it a staple in their kitchen cupboards.

I’ve managed to stay home from work for a month, now. Hard to do.

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