Keys in door lock a surprise

One Sunday morning I didn’t even know that my big key ring was missing…until I went out the front door and found it dangling from the lock.

We were really safe that night for sure. I have way too many keys on that double ring. One ring has one set of keys and the other ring has a different set of keys. I honestly can’t tell you why they are separated this way. I think it is because they all wouldn’t fit on one ring.

I am sure I could get rid of more than half of them, but as soon as I did that I would be locked out somewhere. So, in the meantime I carry them all and wear out my pockets.


It was the big clean-up effort in Hillsboro this past week. I found I could part with a few more things this time around, but it still wasn’t a very big stack.

It must have been quite undesirable stuff as no one stopped by the night before to help themselves to it.


A man from McPherson County stopped by the office last week asking about the area garage sales. I told him as best I could when they were happening. And then I said he could stop by next week and there would be everything that didn’t sell at the garage sales by the curb.

He said he didn’t do that kind of thing and left.


Every time I cuss my computer, I have to stop and think about how useful it can be.

I have been creating indexes for customer’s books for about 10 years now. Until recently I had only made them from books we had created in our proprietory software.

I now figured out that I can make them from a PDF, which then makes the software used to create the book immaterial.

So I created an index from a customer’s 509-page history book with a word list of 1,614 entries she supplied, and my program found every single word in the list and told what page in the book the entry appeared.

Since the list was mostly alphabetized all I had to do was re-alphabetize her list and run the program.

One can tell the program to find words that are within three or four or five words of each other and it will still find the entry.

Or, if your list doesn’t have the last name first, it will order it that way.

And if you haven’t created a word list, it will make a proper-noun list or word-phrase list.

I am still learning this program, but it is quite powerful. It also has the word “boolean,” which I am still trying to figure out how to use.

If you have a pdf document that you would like to index, I can help you for a reasonable fee.


I mentioned previously we had to cut down two big trees. We found three new ones out at Serenity Gar­dens and have already started planting.

I recommend going there.


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