Kapaun series offers new facts

If you subscribe to the Wichita Eagle, you have probably seen the series on Father Emil Kapaun titled ?The Miracle of Father Kapaun.?

Since we were involved in producing the book about Father Kapaun in 2005, titled ?A Saint Among Us, Remembering Father Emil J. Kapaun,? I have taken special interest in this series.

I worked with Rose Mary Neuwirth from the Pilsen area, who was in charge of the Father Kapaun Guild, and the point person on the book along with Pat Wick, Ramona, who edited the manuscript.

So far I haven?t seen anything about the book, ?A Saint Among Us? in the newspaper series. It can be ordered from the Web: frkapaun.org/books.html.

Rosemary told me on the phone that the Eagle series contained information that was even news to her.


I don?t often watch ?date movies,? but this past weekend we watched the same one two nights in a row. ?The Proposal? was indeed an interesting proposition, and I found Betty White to be an an absolute hoot.

Sandra Bullock plays a publishing company editor who, if she doesn?t get married, will be deported to Canada. So she decides to blackmail her assistant into marrying her so she can stay in the United States.

I think the reason I was wanting to watch it twice was that I thought is was extremely funny ?especially the clips that ran with the credits at the end.

You may not agree, but I think Sandra Bullock looks a lot like Michael Jackson.


I usually listen to my iPod when I go walking. After a couple of years of listening to tunes, I discovered that a lot of the music times out perfectly to a 4 mph gait.

I mentioned this to Shelley at the office. She said there?s a Web site that actually has music suggestions that time out for certain beats per minute for joggers. If you want to check it out, it?s runningmusicmix.com.


I?ve said this before, but having grandchildren living far away is a tremendous disadvantage. I?m always envious of those whose grandkids live in the same town or within easy driving distance.

The reason this raises it ugly head now is that Alex just won the geography bee for his entire middle school of 900 kids. Since he?s a sixth-grader, and the school is grades six through eight, it?s pretty neat. He is now working on state competition.

When I called him and asked what the winning question was, he said, ?Name a southern mediterranean country that is known for raising rice.? If you don?t know, it?s Greece.

And, Louie now plays the saxophone and we missed his concert at school.


I?m not sure if you can call it an addiction, but I can?t be without Claussen Kosher Dill Spears in the refrigerator. I will even make a special trip to the store if we?re out. It must be because they are ?Always Chilled, Never Heated.?

The habit is fairly expensive because they are about a quarter each and I can never eat just one.

While I was writing this, I got up and ate one…. Now make that two.


Turner Gill is the new football coach at KU. He certainly knew how to beat KU when he was at Nebraska. Now all he needs to figure out is how the Jayhawks can beat Corn?huskers.

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