Kansas was on the forefront

This information comes from the Kansas Press Assoc­iation bulletin. A historian who studied journalism coverage of the suffrage and anti-suffrage movements in the early 1900s, said the journalism industry has an opportunity 100 years later to do better than it did the first time by providing necessary history and context to the public.

Did you know:

◼ That women suffragists were beaten, tortured and arrested for wanting the right to vote?

◼ It took 72 years from the start of the women’s rights movement to the ratification of the 19th Amendment?

◼ It took 41 years for Congress to agree to pass women’s voting rights?

◼ Kansas was a leader in women’s voting rights as the first state in the nation to allow women to vote in school and city elections, the eighth state to grant women full voting rights and the fourth state to ratify the 19th Amendment?

◼ The 19th Amendment didn’t actually, in practice, give all women the right to vote?

Many women would be great leaders and many would not—just like men.

Women could take over the country since there statistically are more women than men. It would take one heck of an organization to pull it off, however.

Last week I wrote about all of the freshwater pockets that are out there off the coasts. Kay Scharping, a neighbor from years ago, emailed me a link to an article written by Stanley (deceased) and Ruby Scharping’s grandson, Robert (Bobby) Scharping.

He has written an article for Science Trends—while earning a Ph.D. at the University of South Florida—which you can find here: https://sciencetrends.com/the-fate-of-urban-springs-pumping-induced-seawater-intrusion-in-an-underwater-cave/?fbclid=IwAR2NGL6wlNrkp4jR07CW0wvu1brmRuydfc_dYLCUILQvEca]NgGUjBixa2s

This is what is so neat about grandsons and granddaughters, if I had one, or your own children—you never know what they will be when they grow up.

I am pretty sure I don’t have osteoporosis. I fell in my shop on June 23 and whacked my ribs pretty good on a chair. I thought they had to be cracked as hard as I hit, at least it felt that way. Since I was at the hospital for an appointment last week, I didn’t need a special trip. The clinic called later to say there were no fractures. I think I must be past twenty falls since this whole balance thing started with no broken bones, hence my diagnosis.

You know you are old when you go to a casino to play the slots and pull the handle and three prunes show in the window to let you know that you won.

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