Joining group a great plan

One of the many benefits of joining the Midwest Free Community Paper association (MFCP) was all of the friendships I have made during the past twenty years.

I won’t mention names as there are far too many to name, however, I think they will know who they are if they read this column, and I know for sure that one of them who does, is a dear friend and publisher/manager from Iowa. I spoke with her on the phone just recently about a question I had and she steered me straight.

I have always said that joining that group was one of the best things that ever happened to me as majority owner of the Free Press.

The folks at MFCP were/are some of the most helpful people I have ever met.

In the early 2000s they invited me to join the association as a board member and in 2011 elected me as president of the group which was a highlight of my career in the free paper business.

Paul Jantzen or “PJ” as most of his students at Hillsboro High knew him, passed away on Sunday, August 12.

I don’t speak for everyone, but I know he was one of the best teachers who ever lived. He was one who never allowed any short cuts in his classes and we are all better for it.

I will never forget the general science course that I took from him and it is there that I learned about the Scientific American magazine as we all did reports on articles contained in it.

I never had the nerve to call him Paul until I was much older as he was always Mr. Jantzen to me.

I am going to stop writing this column two weeks ahead. It is too easy to get lost and forget what I have already written about that way.

My latest foray into home improvement is drip irrigation.

With our new plants out front of our house we needed a way to keep them watered so they don’t die.

I asked Earl Peters to come and hook up my drip line to our irrigation system so we could water the plants right after we water the grass.

There is one thing that I don’t know yet that is about flow rates and such. I punched holes and have hooked up drippers to the smaller tubing but it looks like the water comes out pretty fast. I read somewhere that I need a flow regulator to make sure the water flows correctly.

I think by the time I get everything hooked up the flow will be just right. It’s a good thing they make what is called “goof plugs” so you can fix holes that don’t end up in the right spots.

I found a manual that I could download off of the internet, but it was too much to read. So in true fashion I decided to just wing it. Isn’t that what all red-blooded American men do in situations like this?

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