Jail is OK to visit, but not stay


I took the tour of the new Marion County Jail this past Friday. From what I saw it was a nice place to visit?I just wouldn?t want to live there.

While it is new and shiny, it doesn?t look like anywhere one would want to spend time on purpose.

I credit our county commissioners and officials who have delivered a spartan facility that will get the job done for many years and at a price that is manageable compared with where it started. Something did have to be done and now it?s almost ready to fulfill its mission.


I don?t know if everyone has noticed the huge flocks of black birds that have been swarming around town the past few mornings about daybreak.

They cover the sky for at least a block in length and a half block wide and they also make quite a bit of noise while they are flittering about.

I know it?s a good idea not to be looking upward when walking under them.


I don?t know about the rest of you, but I didn?t learn anything from watching the Republican and Democratic conventions that I didn?t already know.

As usual they spoke in generalities?not in specifics.

I understand that our tax dollars partially fund the conventions?to the tune of $18 million each. Why does tax money fund the conventions when the parties are fully capable of funding them?


High gas prices should encourage more folks to shop at home. Maybe the increase in sales tax collections in Marion County is an indicator that more people are staying closer to home to buy goods and services.

Come to think of it, the high price of gas was never mentioned at either convention as far as I know.


The 84-yard punt that Shaq Thiessen got off with the north wind the other night is probably a new record for Hillsboro High. He kicked from his own goal line and the ball ended up on the opponents three yard line where the returner was downed. Not only was it a great kick, it was a momentum changer as Sterling had just scored on the previous possession.

If the refs got paid by the number of flags thrown they would have done quite well. I?ve seen the Trojans play now and I want to see more.


It ended up quite chilly at the game for this old boy. Too quick of a change from 100 degrees. I left my coat in the car so I didn?t look like a wimp, but soon learned I needed it badly.

I sat with Dick and Barb Koontz. Dick deadpanned, ?I?d let you borrow my coat, except I happen to be using it right now.? At the end of the first quarter I ran out and got my jacket.

How do those people wearing just shorts and a T-shirt look so comfortable in the chilly weather like we had?


Of the many great local places to shop, I am impressed with Supreme Floor?s new home. And the new door that was installed at Little Pleasures Coffeehouse just makes it better for both businesses.



I have now received twice as many post cards than I had for my collection. Another one came this week from Kyrgyzstan in central Asia, so now I have two. Keep them coming!

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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