It’s time for another surgery

I am trying to remember my opening item for this column and a few other things I was going to include this time but it seems my forgetter is working overtime.

This one may be laced with memories of the KU Medical Center trip this past week for eye surgery.

First stop was the PAC or Presurgery Assessment Clinic where they take a complete medical history which in my case takes a long time to complete.

They repeated some of the tests that I had done in Hillsboro the week before but since they didn’t have access to them and weren’t sure that they would, even when I told them where they were, the answer was that they didn’t want me to come back. And I didn’t want to come back because the parking situation is horrendous, since the hospital parking garage is under repairs at this time.

Nancy drove all the way to the top and no spot available so she ended up parking in another garage three blocks up the street.

I was trying to save the system some money but to no avail. They were sympathetic but it wasn’t happening. So much for electronic records.

I think I saw at least five people in the process of getting ready for Friday’s eye surgery. The first technician I spoke with got to talking about where I was from. Of course I said Hillsboro, a very nice small, clean town of about 3,000, where there isn’t even one stop light. She said there may be nearly that many people milling around in the lobby and outside, and based on recent memory I agreed.

The next stop was my ophthalmologist and surgeon. We barely made this appointment on time but did. He told us what he was going to do and asked if we had any questions. We did, and he answered them promptly.

I just got my call from the KU Med Hospital to be there on Friday, Sept. 21 at 5:45 a.m. The earlier the better as I may not notice what is happening.

I had the pleasure of meeting the new executive director of the Hillsboro Community Foundation last week. I can’t remember meeting anyone so pleasant and nice.

We welcome Bonnie Darwin to Hillsboro and I can’t wait to work with her on my new book project.

If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan, like I am, then you know also that their new quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who played quarterback at Texas Tech, is the real deal.

Six TD passes in the second game of the season is off the charts, especially against the Pitts­burg Steelers and their heralded defense.

I lost all of my keys—again. I got to thinking—it was only the keys to everything at the house and the office. Luckily Nancy found them within a day—in the rocks by the house.

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