It’s still a small world

Here’s one of those small-world stories. A while back I wrote about having eaten at Bill’s Burgers on Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles. Actually, we didn’t eat there once—it was twice, and two days in a row.

Then I heard from Hillsboro resident Norma Klemm, who used to work in the office of one of the industries across the street from Bill’s Burgers. On a recent trip to California to see her son. she took a copy of my column along with her to show it to him.

It truly is a small world.

I got all excited recently when I found out I would be getting an MRI of my brain and eyes at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. I thought I might see a Chiefs player or two. But their game was on Thursday night and my appointment was on Monday, so no such luck.

Nancy did see someone from Hillsboro, though, or someone who used to live here.

I was kind of worried they wouldn’t find anything but empty space in my head, but they did find a brain and more.

I found it extremely difficult to lie perfectly still for at least a half hour. That was excruciating. I felt like I had been through the wringer when it was finished. I am a bit claustrophobic, but this MRI scanner was made for big football players so it wasn’t as tight as others I have experienced.

Christmas will be rather quiet this time around as we had both Thanksgiving and Christmas with our kids and grandkids in late November.

In the past I have griped occasionally about poor customer service one receives from large companies. There is also customer service that is so thorough that it becomes very annoying.

I found a place where they actually answer the phone and when you hang up they want to know when to call again and see if you need anything. Plus, they hound you with emails and offer to be of service at every waking moment.

The recent cold weather was a bit much for me. At least I had the wits to bring all of my paint and other stuff that will freeze in the house in case it got cold outside.

The Bruno Mars segment of Car Pool Karaoke with James Cordon of “The Late Late Show” was the best one I have seen thus far. I liked the “Uptown Funk” part the best.

The bar joke last week generated quite a lot of comment. One of the comments I received was great, but too long for this space.

I will be seeing a surgeon early next month to see when he will be taking out the tumor—most likely it is benign—from behind my left eye. It has likely been growing back there since I was a little kid.

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