It’s best to stay close to friends

I called one of my KU roommates, Bob Krehbiel from Pretty Prairie to let him know that our friend Bob Dalke had passed away. I found out that he was just thinking about contacting me.

Anyway I learned from Bob that another of our KU roommates, Ted Mandrell, had died a month earlier in Mesa, Ariz.

Mandrell had a great sense of humor. When we made pizza for supper way back in the ’60s he would always say, “We could cut it in eight slices, but if you don’t think we could eat that many we could just cut it in four.”

The lesson here is to stay in touch with your friends. Bob also told me about one of our other KU roommates who is now living in the Kansas City area, so I got his phone number from Bob and called him too.

Bob stopped to see us, after attending Dalke’s service and we both decided we hadn’t seen each other for about 20 years.

We are planning to meet Vern in Kansas City, the next time I have appointments at the KU Med Center in May,

He sounded like he always did and I am really looking forward to seeing him again and catch up on what he has been doing for the past 50 years.

We are planning to meet Bob in Pretty Prairie to eat at its steak house which I have heard is very good.

I just figured out why the office never gets cleaned up. I am the problem. Every time I think it is about cleaned up I make another mess in here.

It’s tournament time in NCAA basketball which is always my favorite time of the year.

I thought I was going to have to write that I couldn’t wait for football to start and then the Hawks win two straight in the Big 12 tournament.

I almost wrote this last week before the KU Jay­hawks beat KSU and OSU in basketball that I couldn’t wait for football. But now that the Hawks were beaten by OU, and the streak was over, I can say it.

We even thought about going to the spring football game this year.

I’ll bet the NCAA will figure out how to charge us all for watching the games.

The NCAA hasn’t done it yet, but they will figure out how to tap us at some point—there is an old saying, that money talks and BS walks.

I rode up to Des Moines last weekend with Joey Young and Tommy Horn­beck of Kansas Publishing Ventures.

I set up our booth at the Spring trade show of MFCP (Midwest Free Community Papers) to sell some printing and pedal some of my books. I got some solid leads and sold a few of my books to my friends up there.

Me: I would like some alligator shoes.

They: So the question is what size shoes does your alligator wear?

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