It’s been nine years already

This week?s edition of the Free Press marks the end of our ninth year of publishing and next week begins the 10th. To celebrate, maybe we?ll start giving them away next year. Wait, we already do.

Our readers used to ask how we were able to give the paper away in the early years. No one asks anymore. The free paper in Marion County is now part of the culture.

From our audits we know that about 80 percent of the people who receive the Free Press read it on a regular basis and respond to the advertising in it. The other 20 percent either don?t read any newspaper or don?t like us for some reason or another.

Still that is a tremendous percentage of folks who are actively involved with our product. And many advertisers know this and want to advertise in it and that is why we are able to provide a free newspaper.

We were also able to capture most of the insert business because the advertiser wants the total market coverage and wants to pick the zip codes where their insert is delivered.

  • I?ve made an effort to eat healthier lately and have started to read the nutrition labels on packages. Actually, it?s really not a new thing at our house as Nancy has been looking out for me for quite a while.

    Anyway, I spotted some really healthy breakfast cereal at the grocery store and brought some home to try. When I poured it in the bowl this morning it looked more like the food you buy at the zoo to feed the animals. I?ve never eaten any zoo food but this stuff I bought is how I would imagine it to taste.

    If I don?t manage to finish the box we can always feed it to the birds this winter.

  • Our grandsons are now safely back home in Georgia with their parents. It was a great 10 days with them here but there is a point when the energy is gone trying to keep up with them.

    Speaking of food. When Alex, the older one, was asked what he wanted for lunch his response was a sandwich with a side order of chicken nuggets. Louis didn?t eat a lot at one time?just ate all of the time. We hadn?t been at the demo derby but 10 minutes when he was asking for nourishment.

    We?re already looking forward to having them back again next summer.

  • I received a call last week from a senior citizen who said she had received a call from someone with a thick brogue accent asking to verify her banking information. She wisely did not give out any information and was concerned that others may be getting the same calls.

    It can never be said enough that one should not give out financial information to someone you do not know. Scam artists are lurking everywhere, so beware.

  • The Explorers Club of Kansas members have made their nominations for the ?8 Wonders of Kansas? and 24 finalists have been selected.

    To learn more about Kansas wonders and vote for your favor?ites go to

  • If you grew up in the ?60s like I did. then you may have had Norman Wenger work on one of your vehicles in his shop behind his home at 107 S. Cedar.

    One time I had an old car that wasn?t running right and took it there for him to check out. He replaced the plugs and points and gave it a tune-up and it sounded like a sewing machine when he was through. What are points, you say?

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