It?s back to work again

I gave myself a medical release to get back to physical activity this past weekend. I finally finished the shelves in the basement that I had planned to build before the rib thing.

It?s amazing how uncoordinated I have become. I reach for my pencil behind my ear and it falls on the floor. I am ready to drive in a screw with the drill and the screws are not within reach.

I?ve said many times before that all screw heads should have the torx and not phillips or flat heads. But then one has to have the correct torx bit. For some reason I couldn?t find the correct torx bit even though I have every size they make.

In spite of all the challenges mentioned and those not mentioned, the shelves are ready for the stuff that has sat in the garage for about six weeks already.

Siding my shop is one of the next tasks, but the weather is going to have to get much warmer before that is going to happen.


Last Sunday, Nancy and I made a fast trip to Apache, Okla., to attend a book signing by an author from Norman I have known for nearly 20 years.

Molly Griffis has written at least 11 books that I know of; I have been involved in printing and doing the setup on quite a few of them. Plus, she has referred a number of Okla?homa authors to me over the years.

The signing we attended at the Apache Public Library was for her new book: ?Welcome to Whizbang Ruby Trotter.?

Apache is the town where Molly grew up, and many of her characters are based on acquaintances she has known, including the main character, Ruby Trotter, who is really Sonia Caldwell, the first woman barber in Apache. We had the privilege to meet her.


We were gone for 12 hours and spent a little more than an hour at the signing. So, most of it was road-trip time. Molly was flabbergasted that we showed up and for a while wasn?t sure it was us. It could have been that she hadn?t seen me for about 10 years, although we email regularly and talk on the phone often.


Last week, Nancy made some potato soup that was creamy good and had bacon in it. As I was filling my bowl and headed off to sit down at the table, she asked if I was going to sprinkle some grated cheese on it to top it off. I am just a plain guy, so I need help in this area.

I said something like, ?What would I do without you?? And the response was, ?You?d be standing over the kitchen sink eating a bologna sandwich.?


This past weekend was a good time to sit inside and watch football instead of braving the cold and snow like most did across the country. The Eagles vs. Lions game could have been broadcast in black and white and who would have known the difference?

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