It can be too early to travel

Normally I don?t get up at 4 a.m., at least not on purpose. But I did this past Sat?urday. It was necessary to be in Wichita by 6 a.m. to leave for Greens???burg with my cousins to help their brother and my cousin, Paul Unruh, erect his new machine shed.

I didn?t know it would be harder than I thought to find my cousins? house just off of 53rd Street in the dark. And I left the piece of paper with his phone numbers at home on the kitchen counter.

Then it occurred to me I could get arrested for driving slowly through these neighborhoods in the dark of night.

Finally, I found the right street and house?but no one was up, so I waited until the lights came on.

  • Someone made the comment that it would be nice if it could rain without all of the humidity. Maybe that?s a question for Merrill Teller.

  • I?ll bet Colorado folks have the hardest time acclimating to Kansas humidity.

  • In our most recent church newsletter, Pastor Randy Smith suggested it would be a good idea for everyone to write down how they would want their final arrangements to be handled and what the service should include.

    I think it is an excellent idea because you just never know when the time will come.

  • We had dinner with some friends from the old days whom we haven?t seen much in the past 30 years. They had just been to a funeral for his uncle, who spent most of his time in front of the television flipping channels. So his family buried him with the remote in his hand.

  • Florence?s Labor Day celebration is just around the corner. The committee has put forth a lot of effort to bring a great weekend to enjoy. This year you can fill up on an old-fashioned hog roast, then stay to hear the Prairie Wranglers in concert on Sunday night, Sept. 2.

  • Lately I?ve thought twice when driving over bridges. Logic tells us that if many of the bridges aren?t safe then there are probably many other things that are also unsafe.

    It takes only one big disaster like the collapse in Minnesota to bring all of the bridges under national scrutiny.

  • On the way back from Greensburg we saw one of the most perfectly formed rainbows. It had a complete arch and touched the ground on both ends. The colors were as brilliant as I had ever seen. We thought about trying to find the pot of gold at the end of it but it kept moving ahead of us.

  • For all of you cyber news junkies out there, we now have an RSS feed on the Free Press Web site. It is hard to explain what RSS is so I will put a link in this column on the Web edition so you can read all about it. Basically, RSS brings the news to you instead of you going out to find it.

  • I?m not sure how long he was the postmaster in Hillsboro, but Bill Boothe was good at the job.

    He was one of the nicest and most helpful people on the planet in the old days. He went out of his way to be helpful and always had a smile on his face.

    Bill originally was from Lehigh and ended up in Hills?boro, where he was a pillar in the community and the church.

    Many times there is someone behind the scenes who makes things go, and it was Bill.

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