Island getaway was great

We just returned from a week in Puerto Rico with our good friends the Ranneys, who used to live in Hillsboro.

I’d say if you are looking for a nice place to go for a week or so, and a place that is easy to get to, Puerto Rico is the place. And it is a U.S. territory, so you don’t need a passport and the money is the same as here—but I wouldn’t say it goes any further there.

On a side trip to the rain forest, Dave ran into a guy from Kansas who grew up in Wichita, attended KU and has been on the island for about 30 years.

And you are wondering how this happened? Dave was wearing a KU cap that day.

What makes this an even bigger small-world story is that Candace’s good friend knew this guy, as he lived in her town in Kansas during his early years.

The best thing about meeting this fellow Jayhawk was that he recommended a really great place for breakfast.

So we went there twice and took pastries and such home for breakfast for two more mornings.

The place was called Panaderia España. If you use TripAdvisor, you will find many great reviews about this place.

Our condo was rented through It is a 200-unit complex that was built 10 years ago. The unit we had faced the ocean, off of the rear built-in porch.

The entire complex was built with poured concrete with 4-inch walls, floors and ceilings throughout.

Everything in Puerto Rico is built with concrete except for the inside doors and some wood trim here and there.

Based on what we saw, it seemed that everything is built out of concrete.

Must be because of the hurricanes and tsunamis the island has experienced over its 400-plus years of existence.

I didn’t want to get in trouble by making too big of a deal about our condo not having the sports channels I am used to back in the States.

Somehow on Saturday night we ended up at the Brass Cactus, which had a big flat-screen TV with the KU vs. OSU game starting just as we were seated in front of it. Other fans were there, too, but they weren’t fans of KU. We ended up ordering dessert to make it to the end of the game.

As we visited with the natives, we learned that there were fewer tourists than they thought should have been there at this time of the year. Almost everyone blamed fear of the Zika virus as the factor keeping the people away.

Our condo was a gated community that was surrounded by a big fence. On the other side of the fence was a very poor area. Every­one on the other side of the fence has bars across their doors and windows.

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