If you want more, then pursue it

I?ve thought for the past 20 years or so if you are wishing you had the same income or living conditions as someone else, then get the training and do what gets you to that place in life.

In some cases that would work, but in most cases it would not. For example, I could not have become a professional basketball player as I was too short, too slow and didn?t have natural talent. Or a professional singer?doesn?t one have to be able to sing well?

Becoming a U.S. congressman is coveted by many people. But it, too, is not very attainable, as it is a private club that is very difficult to break into unless you already are well-connected or have lots of money and influence.

Or you can choose to be happy where you are in life and work at being the best you can be at whatever your station in life.


Many folks will remember James (Jim) Funk, who owned the Sportsman in Hillsboro years ago and is now living in one of the nice desert towns in California. I received a package from him last week containing a 1937 issue of the Vorw?rts newspaper published in Hillsboro at the time. He found it while cleaning house and going through his mother?s collection. He thought it might be of interest to me?and it is. I love to look through old newspapers.

The Vorw?rts included both German and English articles. It had a listing of church services, including a listing for the Lehigh M.B. Church. Wm. Kopper Quality Clothier was selling Beacon Shoes for $2.98 to $3.95. Vogt?s Cash Grocery was selling T-bone and sirloin steak for 21 cents a pound, and at Wall?s Food Market you could get 2 pounds of Peanut Butter for 25 cents.

J.E. Schroeder was offering to take eggs in trade for boys? clothing. Groening Produce was selling Murphy Feeds and offered 50-pound stock salt blocks for 35 cents.

The classified ads were mixed with the local news items. You could read about people visiting their relatives, and the next item would be for piano tuning?or offers by the local dentist to buy your old crowns and bridgework.


Internet service in Hillsboro continues to be an iffy situation. This past weekend was a tough one if you needed the Web and have either EagleCom or Cen?tury Link.

A reliable source confirmed that Century Link had exhausted its bandwidth for Hillsboro.

Folks, we are paying for a service that we are not receiving with Century Link.


It?s time to come up with a plan to replace the ribbon of bricks in the sidewalks of downtown Hillsboro. The idea was doomed from the start with the way our soil shifts. Basically, the bricks and concrete are floating since nothing is pinned.

People are tripping and falling because in some places the bricks are now at least a half inch lower than the concrete sidewalk.

My solution is to pull out all of the bricks, then, using rebar to pin the new strip to the existing concrete on both sides, pour brick-colored concrete where the bricks were, then use a brick stamp pattern.


KU?s Turner Gill is gone. This gives credence to the phrase ?good guys finish last.? I thought his downfall had more to do with his so-so assistant coaches on offense and defense.

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