If you miss an issue…

It doesn’t happen often, but we hear that some people do not always receive their Free Press, either through the mail or via our carrier system in Hillsboro.

There is a place on our website, hillsborofree­press.com where one can report that their delivery was missed: https://www.hillsborofreepress.com/

It is our intention to never miss your house, either by mail or by carrier. Not only is it unintentional that delivery is missed, which is the biggest problem, but it also is an expense to us when it doesn’t make it to your home.

We have a couple in our church who have a boy and a girl who play basketball for Hillsboro. First, the eighth-grade boy breaks his arm and requires surgery; later, the senior girl injures her knee requiring surgery to repair.

During the sharing time one Sunday morning, their mom gets up and ends her sharing that “basketball has cost their family an arm and a leg” this season.

I started gathering old columns for the book some of you have encouraged me to put together. It took about an hour to locate four weeks worth in our stack of DVDs where everything is backed up from the earliest days of the Free Press.

We have about 10 years stored on the server, which will make it much easier to find the old ones. But I may be 100 years old by the time I find the almost 1,000 columns.

You probably think I am slow when it comes to copying my columns. It’s really not that at all. I have to read everything, including the paper. I may be 100 years old by the time I collect everything.

Four columns in four hours would make it take about 1,000 hours, which is about half a year in 40-hour weeks. I’m sure I can go faster.

After writing the above, I have two-thirds of a year collected now. Plus, I remembered I had already collected a year’s worth previously.

The amazing part is that I only repeated myself one time and that was some dumb joke.

We have subscribed to the Wichita Eagle for many years and are down to Sunday delivery; the rest of the days we read the paper online.

I don’t recall exactly when it occurred, but quite a while ago we received a call from someone representing the Eagle who wanted to know if we wished to continue and I said no, please cancel. He said thank-you and hung up.

Then just last week we get another call from someone else at the Eagle and they say our bill is past due. I didn’t know how that could be; I told him to cancel again since we had cancelled earlier. He says he cannot cancel for us—that I need to call another number to do that. What kind of cockamamie is that?

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