I-35 just an interstate after all

I took Inter?state 35 to Dallas this past week and didn?t notice if it was a NAFTA road or the highway to heaven or hell, which was the subject of Dale Suderman?s column in last week?s Free Press.

I saw one truck from Canada in Oklahoma, but it looked just like our trucks except for the tags and sign on the door.

  • For two days I experienced what it?s like to commute to work in a big city. I stayed with a friend in Garland and then drove ito downtown Dallas for the Texas Press Association trade show at the Fairmont Hotel. That experience is a far cry from walking across the street to work. Maybe it is something to get used to, but I don?t know how people can do that every day. Nothing is measured by miles. Just in minutes from here to there.

  • One morning I forgot to put my billfold in my pocket and noticed it when I was at the hotel. I had some money in it, but no credit card or ID.

    Then I got to thinking what I would say if I got stopped by the police while driving back that night. With all of the one-way and crooked streets, I was sure I wouldn?t make it back.

  • Our Free Press mailing lists are never completely accurate because we buy them from a list company that buys the information from the U.S. Postal Service clearing house in Memphis. During the cycle, the list can be from 90 to 180 days old.

    Then I got the idea that maybe we could buy our list from Santa Claus because everyone knows that he checks his twice. Some houses may be missed with that concept, too.

    Regardless of where we get our lists, we apologize if you are not on it and wish to be. Call us if you have that problem.

  • After the past two weeks on the road, I may have to switch to the Biggest Gainer club instead of the Biggest Loser. There is food everywhere and lots of it.

  • While driving home on Saturday, I decided to start calling everyone in the family to pass the time more quickly. I started when I first entered Oklahoma and finished on the 13-mile road.

    At the end I had to plug in the phone because the battery was getting low. Since it was daylight and the traffic was light, I didn?t feel it was unsafe to make the calls. But there are times when it can be a distraction.

  • Sister Elaine told me that in all of the years she has looked at my column she noticed that I have never used a semicolon.

    I determined she was probably right; and since I don?t know where a semicolon goes, I have never used one.

  • The writer?s strike doesn?t seem to have affected my life one bit. But then I don?t watch shows that need the kind of writer that TV shows need.

    News writers are a whole other story. We definitely need the news.

  • We received an e-mail from Hillsboro native Joel Mathis updating his career path.

    Scripps is launching a national political Web site: RedBlueAmerica.com, which will combine political and cultural commentary with social networking.

    ?There will be two main moderators on the site: one conservative, one liberal,? Joel said. ?I?m the liberal guy.?

    This follows an eight-year stint with the Lawrence Journal-World.

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