How many emails in your box?

How many emails do you have in your inbox? I have 31,665 since November 2010, plus almost 20,000 sent emails. And these are the ones I have kept. I have deleted probably eight times that many along the way.

So, that means I get roughly 30 emails per day that are useful and are regarding business or of a personal nature.

If you wonder why I keep that many, it?s because it?s easier to keep them than sort them and delete them. It takes enough time as it is to just keep up with what they are about and answer them in some fashion.

Many of them are from book and printing customers, and it?s useful to be able to go back and research what has been discussed over a period of time via inbox and sent mail.


This week is our Midwest Free Community Paper organization?s spring conference in Moline, Ill. For our group it is a long way to travel, but we are always ready to learn new things and see what awards we have won in the annual advertising contest.

And I get back my pocket?knife that I left with another board member for safekeeping after it made it through airport security by mistake in January.


I think there is a force greater than people know when a team like Wichita State all but has a game in hand against a foe that is supposed to win. I didn?t think I would be as into the game as I became as it played out.

And it is obvious to me that the CBS?announcers have an agenda when they announce these types of games. Maybe it?s just me, but I don?t know.


A K-State fan told me the reason the Jayhawks lost in the Sweet Sixteen was because they were playing their game in a football stadium.


I hope I have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to keeping a vehicle clean. Lately, I have been neglecting to wash and vacuum our vehicles and it really makes it much harder to clean one after months of neglect.

The dirt is in more places, it seems, and it is much harder to remove. And did I mention the bugs on the front end? They harden like little plastic bumps that take more elbow grease than I have in me.


Since this past Saturday was such a nice day, I thought I would also get out the leaf blower and do some cleanup behind our office. I thought I was doing great until the wind started blowing all of the leaves back into the space I had just cleared. And once all of the underlying dirt is gone the leaves have less resistance and glide back much easier.


Here is something maybe you don?t know: Women are different than men.

There are daily reminders of this fact?at least in my world.

I am guessing if a guy hired a cleaning person to come clean the house he wouldn?t clean ahead of time for the cleaner.


We have been converting quite a few of the books we have printed in hard copy for our customers to eBooks. It isn?t quite as easy as it seems it should be, but we are able to do it.

One of the latest ones is a Low German New Testament for a gentleman who is in his 90s. After a search, it might be the only one available in the world.


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