How does the brain do it?

This has happened to me more than once. When I woke up last Sunday I thought it was Monday. So I thought I was having cataract surgery and couldn’t have anything to eat but a very light breakfast. What a relief when I learned it was only Sunday.

How does your brain know, after sleeping, what day it is when you wake up anyway?

I think may be having issues with short-term memory. I think I may be having some issues with short-term memory.

It gets very dark early these days, so when I drove home from work and parked my truck in front of the house like I always do, I noticed the orange cone was missing that had been marking the place where city crews had worked in the street to bring water to the fine arts center across the street. (That may be the longest sentence I have ever written).

I remarked when I walked into the house that I couldn’t find the cone because I thought I may have driven over it.

The next morning Nancy said I should look under my truck. There was the orange cone.

I am amazed at how much better I can see without the cataracts. Colors are so much more vivid and I even need sunglasses in the house because everything looks so bright.

My computer is now about six years old and I am finding it doesn’t like to play nice anymore.

When you are a few versions behind with your operating system, some software, such ad Web browsers, aren’t supported. This is for Apple systems as I don’t do PC. It’s hard enough to know a little something about one system, let alone two.

My iPhone OS is ahead of my laptop and it won’t play nice with my computer either. The computer folks have ways of forcing you to update everything all of the time.

It’s been fun to watch the Kansas City Chiefs this year as they always seem find a way to win close games. They aren’t real flashy in most areas, but the defense usually saves the day.

I usually skip through the ads on recorded shows, but I always stop and watch the Geico commercials because I think they are extremely funny.

The best one so far is the racoons going through the trash. One rascal is trying to get the others to try something he has found that is extremely offensive.

He says, “Try it. It tastes terrible.” Whoever comes up with these ads is a genius, in my view.

I know someone who was a former CEO of Sullivan, Higdon and Sink who could come up with stuff like that.

In case anyone has suspected this, it is true: I do sometimes embellish on things I write about in this column.

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