How about an online primary?

Kansas won?t be having a presidential primary this time However, there would be a credible way to find out what the voters are thinking without much expense at all.

I hereby propose that all Kansas newspapers with a Web site run a poll with a uniform slate of candidates. It won?t take long to find out who the frontrunners are. It could be coordinated by the Kansas Press Association.

  • I read where the presidential candidates will be spending in the neighborhood of $1 billion on advertising this election.

    It?s great for the media companies, but it seems to me that money could go for better causes.?

  • Last week I batted cleanup and hauled the Buyer?s Edge drop-shipped mailbags to all of the larger McPherson County post office locations. Between Moundridge and Inman I spotted a tree growing out of the top a an abandoned silo. How long could it have taken for the tree to get that tall?

    In Lindsborg, the rain was so heavy that the streets were full and running over.?

  • With all of the wet weather we?ve been having I was inspired to write a poem about rain. It goes like this:

    Rain, rain, rain, rain,
    Rain, rain, rain, rain,
    Rain, rain, rain, rain,
    Rain, rain, rain, rain,
    Rain, rain, rain, rain,
    Rain, rain, rain, again,
    It?s been such a pain,
    Where?s the drain?

  • On my mail run I stopped to eat at the Brick House in Inman. What is that, you say? It?s a brick house in Inman where they serve good food. I couldn?t help but notice a plaque on the wall that read: ?Well-behaved women seldom make history.?

  • From what I could tell, the place appeared to be run by well-behaved women.?

  • Speaking of restaurants: If you go to a restaurant without reservations and are asked if you have reservations, just say, ?We have no reservations whatsoever; we like coming here.??

  • In Hutchinson last week I overheard a city guy asking a farmer if he had 60-bushel wheat this year. The farmer said yes, that would be 60 bushels total.?

  • We took the tour of the new Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church building on Sunday afternoon and were impressed. It appears to me the committees that planned the building thought of everything down to the last detail.

    At the refreshment table, one of the church members was making sure everyone had enough cake and even had a couple of pieces himself so that no one would have to eat alone. I won?t mention his name but he sings in a quartet and used to own a grocery store.?

  • Years ago, the guy to call when you needed a basement dug or rock for your driveway was Bill Dalke of Dalke Construction.

    When he showed up to do a job, there was absolutely no hesitation. He went right to work and could handle the equipment with precision and efficiency.

    Bill was a tremendous supporter of the community. He gave of himself and provided funds as well. The business was passed on to son Warren and wife Ruby and grandson Marty, who are also known for their work ethic.

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