Household tip creates quite a stir

I?m thinking of changing my middle initial to the letter ?H? for Heloise.

The item about no phosphate in the dishwashing detergent created a stir out there. One reader sent me a note that both she and her daughter-in-law were both fighting the white gunk on their dishes after using the dishwasher and were even using vinegar after the wash to fix the problem.

She also called a hotline of one of the dishwasher detergent companies and learned their phones are ringing off the wall about this problem.

She spoke to a ?nice young man? whose answer to this serious problem was Cascade Action Paks and even offered to send her a sample. Another one, called Lemi Shine, is used with your regular detergent, I believe.

For the record, I do not own stock in any of these companies.


I subscribe to several e-mail newsletters that cover the topic of Web advertising.

Statistics show that more and more money is going into Web banner advertising and while the click-throughs are a piece of the puzzle, it isn?t necessary for the reader to click through for the advertiser to achieve a benefit. The ad is still an ad and creates awareness.

Compared with other advertising, such as a billboard or a TV ad, they don?t necessarily have a call to action and it isn?t even possible to click through.

If you have a website, how are you going to drive people to it without a presence on a high traffic site that gives readers the opportunity to easily get to it?

While we know a print ad in our newspaper is still the best way by far to reach the local audience, the Web provides an additional way to reach some of the same eyeballs a second time, and new ones you might not otherwise reach.

If you don?t have an ad presence on the Web, there?s a good chance your competitor does or will.


My ears had been popping for about a month, so I finally went to see Rebecca (one last time) at the clinic. It was just what I suspected: ear wax. Some nice chunks came out and I was impressed. So I asked if I had won a prize, but was told I might have been third or fourth.


My iPod sounds a lot better now when I go walking in the morning. The tinny sound has been replaced with full, rich sound.


We were talking at the office about the mussel problem at the reservoir the other day and Patty thought the problem might be solved with muscle relaxers.


The blue-green algae bloom problem we are experiencing isn?t just causing trouble here. I read where Perry Lake near Topeka also is closed to swimming and water contact because of the same conditions.


We used to video chat with the Camelis in Atlanta with iChat, but have now turned to Skype video chat, which has more features and is as good as Oprah?s was.

It is just like being there without being there. The video is excellent. It may have something to do with them getting a new laptop and a new router for wireless Internet on the other end.

We wanted to double-check our to-do list before they came to make sure we had everything covered. By the time we ended the chat, an hour and 40 minutes had passed.


I even took a nap on Sunday to prepare for their arrival.

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