Hospital lunch was first class

It was nice this past Friday to go to the new Hillsboro Community Hospital for lunch instead of the ER or the clinic or for PT first.

If you didn’t go, you missed a first-class lunch of a hamburger or hot dog, potato salad, baked beans, chips, cookie and drink.

Mighty tasty and filling, I must say. I didn’t even feel guilty for loading up on food with all of the services Medicare and I have bought there in the past year or so. And you can’t beat all of the super-nice people who work there.

If you saw the piece “60 Minutes” did on Allegiant Airlines this past Sunday, you would never fly with them. If you watched the CEO of Allegiant video the next day, you would have heard there were many untruths in the story. An FAA guy said he would never fly with Allegiant and he would recommend that his friends and family wouldn’t either because of the airline’s safety record. I don’t think they have killed anyone, but many flights were interrupted because of problems, according to CBS.

The CEO of Allegiant says his entire family flies on his airline—don’t fear for their safety.

The problem is knowing whom to believe. I suspect there is some truth in both sides’ stories, but neither one is completely accurate.

We did fly to LA non-stop on Allegiant about nine years ago with Nancy’s mom for our niece Whit­ney’s graduation from college. They had a really cheap price, if I remember correctly.

Another reason we did it was because it was non-stop, and with the difference in time you almost got there the same time you left.

I thought it was a little tacky that they tried to sell us beach towels while we were in flight.

My wife has always wanted to ride a train, so we are traveling via a one-stop, one-way flight to LA. We will stay with Nancy’s brother David and Sally for a few days, then take the train up the West Coast to Seattle, where we will stay with Dan and Katie in Port Angeles a few days. Then we’ll take the non-stop, one-way flight on Alaska Airlines from Seattle back to Wichita.

I think this is the type of thing you are supposed to do when you aren’t working all of the time anymore.

I don’t know what got into me lately, but I decided to go through all of the piles of crap that have been accumulating on my desk.

In the past, when I didn’t know what to do with something, I would just put it in a big envelope and stack it up somewhere. At least now the envelopes are very neatly stacked.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had accumulated. Actually it was becoming so bad I could barely work at my computer anymore.

I actually threw some stuff away, which I don’t think my wife will believe.

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