Hoops bracket was a bust

I don?t normally enter March Mad?ness contests, but I did this year. It was a chance to win a million dollars for getting them all right. Ha! Fat chance.

My bracket was busted on the first day. I did get 11 out of 16 correct, though, on the first round

After that round, I quit looking. It got a lot worse from there.


The Free Press March Mania contest drew dozens of participants and no one fared extremely well either. Who would have thought that Michigan State would have departed in the first round. And only three picked Villanova to win the South Regional. No one picked Villanova to win it all, although many thought North Carolina would be in the final game.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who participated.


Recently, I spent about 10 days on the sofa looking at old VHS?tapes to see which ones we wanted the kids at the high school to convert to digital files on DVD. I was amazed at all of the video we had accumulated through the years and how much of it wasn?t worth keeping.

After son Dan has a chance to look through what is left, we will trash what he doesn?t want. Many were mis-labeled and many had the labels fall off, which did us absolutely no good.

One video in particular I was looking for was the time Monsignor Arthur Tonne was on the ?David Letterman Late Show.?


I didn?t need to convert that video because it is on YouTube, which I showed to some of my coworkers at the Free Press.

It was just as funny as I remembered it. Father Tonne had a twinkle in his eyes the entire show and pulled a good one on Letter?man. Go to YouTube and search ?Monsignor Tonne David Letterman? and you should find it. The segment is at the end of a longer segment with some other clips of the ?Late Show.?


I was stuck on the couch because I had a biopsy done on my left arm bicep to determine what might be going on with some neurological issues I?ve been having. I was only supposed to do self care for the 10 days until the stitches were out, thus the time spent in the living room.


The procedure is done while one is awake so I asked to see what the doc was cutting out. He showed me one; it looked like a little piece of steak.


It?s hard to believe, but our youngest grandson, Louis, is turning 16 this month, and our oldest, Alex, 18, is graduating from high school in May. We plan to fly down for the event and see what it looks like when about 1,000 kids graduate from high school.

Alex has said he plans a road trip to Kansas this summer with his buddies, but that remains to be seen.

Now they both have older model Mercedes diesel cars.


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