Holub will be missed

I will miss Dan Holub, former county commissioner of the 2nd District, who completed his service this month. And I believe the county will, too.

Never have I seen anyone work harder for what he believed in, for the pay received and all of the grief he received. Some of that grief, I believe, came from me when we disagreed on things. To his credit he is, and was, a faithful servant of our county.

If you voluntarily pay Kansas sales tax on things you buy off of the Internet, raise your hand.

The fact is many things purchased online are not included in sales tax that goes to Kansas. There are some online merchants, such as Apple Computer and others, who charge Kansas sales tax and send it to the state.

I’m not sure how to level the playing field for the brick and mortar vs. online, but something should be done about it.

When Harris newspapers were for sale—the Hutch News, the Hays Daily News and others—I was hoping to find someone who knew Warren Buffet personally so we could maybe get him to buy the newspaper group.

I never did find anyone, but I do know someone now who has touched his wallet. He is a medical student from Omaha who was a beneficiary of a scholarship for medical training that came from Buffet and there was a ceremony where he met Buffet and had the opportunity to touch his wallet and pose for a photo of him doing it.

Medical care is very good these days, but the patient still needs to be proactive to stay on top of things. I have learned over the past few years that you have to ask a lot of questions to stay on track and focus on what medical staff are planning for your care.

And the portals on the Internet are useful, too, for contacting your doctor and asking questions without staying on the line for a long time.

We spent New Year’s Eve with our good friends, the Ranneys, in Lawrence two weeks ago. Dave gave me two joke books while we were there.

I started to read one of them and as soon as I read the first joke I was laughing so hard I had to put it down because I couldn’t see to read any more.

I think the software companies we deal with should be in charge of all of the servers in the world, including the federal government and the DNC servers. If it as hard to deal with them and make the software work when you need to install or reinstall, it would be unhackable.

Here at the Free Press we have a lost-and-found that had items from 10 years ago. Much of it wasn’t worth anything, but we had one item that I am surprised no one has claimed. It is a three-ring notebook with sleeves filled with sports cards.

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