Holiday in Atlanta was the best

Nothing beats an early Christmas in Atlanta with the kids and grandkids like we have just experienced. We?ve tried getting together during the actual holiday dates in the past and have had nothing but delays and other traveling problems. This was totally different.

The weather was delightful and the new Cameli?s Pizza place in Little 5 Points is looking great.


As we drove and walked around town, we concluded two things will always be needed in Atlanta: The leaf blower and the leaf bag. I?ll bet Home Depot sells millions of those big paper leaf bags every year.


Dan and Katie are in the soft pretzel business out in Bend, Ore., so Dan has been watching the food-truck business. While researching it on the Web, he came across a food truck located in Atlanta with an interesting name. So we looked it up while in Atlanta this past weekend.

It was the Blaxican Mexican Soul-Food Truck run by a guy named Will, who entered the food-truck business after he lost his job. He has an interesting story to tell.

The city of Atlanta has dedicated several places where food trucks can set up each day. They are called food-truck parks.

So we went to one of the food-truck parks this past Saturday and ordered one of everything from Will?and it was all good.

We watched the videos on his website describing how he got started and how he prepares his food each day and what he serves. My favorites were the buffalo chicken soft tacos and the collared greens quesadillas.

The money collected in his tip jar goes to feed the hungry; he also contributes to several food kitchens around the city.

If you are interested in readying about the Blaxican Food Truck go to:


The new Belt Line Walking and Bike Path, created on an old rail bed through the middle of midtown, is an easy way to get to the original Cameli?s and for Alex to ride his bike to high school.


We spent a couple of nights playing table games, including Scrabble, Rummikub and Catch Phrase. Scrabble is an old Klaassen traditional game that was one of my mom?s favorites.

Since only four can play Scrab?ble, Louis and I formed a team. We lost big one game because we had five ?I? letters, then we won big the next round.


During our family time we recounted all of the injuries Dan has encountered since he was less than 1 year old?and the list was endless. It became hilarious now, even though they weren?t so funny at the time.


In addition to the calzones I have been eating for years, my new favorite at Cameli?s is the Papa C?s monster slice pizza. Nothing like it anywhere.


The new setup for checking in at Wichita?s Mid-Continent Airport is much improved. Somebody smart finally was allowed to make some changes, and it paid off. Based on the current layout, I really see no need for the city of Wichita to build a new terminal.

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