Hillsboro needs it’s hospital

Hillsboro really needs its hospital. I am not the only one who feels that way.

I spoke with a few members of the local cabal the other day and they think it must stay open.

What we know so far is that the local hospital and its team of professionals are not to blame one bit in the financial mess they are in.

If you are curious about what one of the owners of Empower looks like in action is to watch a CBS report on rural hospitals.

Go to CBS.com and search Jorge Perez + Empower to see a story in which there is talk of a forged signature and more.

The income is up substantially in the new hospital and I am not glad to be a part of it but am certainly glad the hospital was here when I needed it. You would be hard-pressed to find a place where the people are more skilled and caring.

I have been retired for one week and I am finding out that the days feel long.

I am still finishing up some loose ends at work from my home office, which I have barely started cleaning up, although I am poised to do some damage next week on the project. It will involve a mess from sawdust because I will be drilling some holes in the shelving to get some of the cables off of the countertop.

I believe that Apple has learned at what price their phones have become too expensive. They are finding that $1,000 just might be too much and that folks are not willing to pay that much for a phone. Apple’s stock has lost more than 450 billion dollars in the past week. Our mutual funds may own some Apple but not much since we are in a conservative mode.

They are not alone. I won’t pay that much for a phone either. I would rather cuss my iPhone 6+ than one costing an arm and a leg more. It lets me send and receive texts and email, take photos and videos and see the latest sports scores—what more could I want?

Sending out all of those retirement emails and letters has been a good thing as I have heard back from many old friends, not necessarily in age, but those I have known for a long time.

And I have heard from people who must have a google alert set up for PLS. They are also interesting to know because they share the same disease and I can hopefully learn from them. Both write for other publications so they are good to know.

And I also received a call from a woman in town whose husband has been diagnosed with PLS less than ten years ago.

She first emailed me and then I thought it would be best if she called to talk. So we did, and I want to go visit her husband when things slow down for me and see how he is doing. I didn’t think it possible to find another person in our area with PLS.

My sister Elaine who lives in Minneapolis, Minn., emailed me today five stories from when we were about 5 years old living in Mountain Lake, Minn., I could remember two of them and three of them, I had no recollection.

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