‘Helpful’ is harder than it looks

In my mind I was being very helpful at home the other day. I thought I would load the dishwasher and maybe end up with a few brownie points.

When I put the last of the dirty dishes in?Yikes!?it was mostly full of clean dishes.

So I backtracked and pulled out the ones I just put in and then put the clean ones away. After that I put the dirty ones back in and all was well.

Later in the week I took a cereal bowl out of the cabinet and it still had oatmeal all over it. At least I got it instead of Nancy, so she?ll never know what happened.


This mess in our financial markets makes me think that it isn?t possible for any of our politicians to solve the problem since they are the problem.

Corruption and greed and unsound policies have taken a toll. It?s laughable that Obama and McCain would fly to Washington for one day to work on a solution. They haven?t been at work for at least a year.

Bob Dole did the honorable thing when he ran for president by resigning from Congress to campaign for the job.

Our current candidates have the best of everything. They still get paid whether or not they show up for work, have automatic pay raises regardless of what kind of job they do and have medical insurance that is better than any of the rest of us have.

And whichever candidate loses the bid for president will still have a Senate seat when it?s over.


Actually, had our Kansas bankers?better yet our Marion County bankers?been in charge of lending policies for the past 20 years we wouldn?t be in this mess.


The new light poles at Reimer Field have been in the news for five straight weeks. First, the question was whether they would arrive in time for the first game. Then they got here in time, but after that a water line was bored into and the installation was delayed. Then the crane on site wasn?t big enough to erect the 3-ton poles.

Now they?re here and installed. The Trojans homecoming theme is perfect: ?Friday Night Lights.? Bring your sunglasses.


We were in Kansas City for apparel market this past weekend but not before a stop in Lawrence to visit our friends, the Ranneys and the Johnsons.

Dave found a two-cassette ?Prairie Home Companion? set with jokes so I listened to it on the way to Kansas City.

After a few minutes I was laughing so hard I thought I?d have to stop the car. Eventually I had to turn off the tape.

Since I?ve been around for a long time I had already heard many of the jokes but they were still funny anyway.

Thought I?d share one of the jokes with you?.


Three boys were out goofing around in the country and found a big hole in the ground. They wondered how deep it was, so they threw a little stone in it?but didn?t hear it hit the bottom. They then found a bigger rock and did the same thing. No sound.

They then found a railroad tie and threw it in hole. Soon after a goat came flying by at 60 mph and dove in the hole. Then a farmer came by and asked the boys if they had seen his goat. They said one had just jumped in that hole over there.

The farmer said it couldn?t have been his goat because it was tied to a railroad tie.

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