Have a complaint? Forget it

Stop complaining. That?s just what a Kansas City minister and his congregation are doing.

He came up with a purple wrist band similar to the Live Strong bracelet that is worn to remind one not to complain. The goal is to not complain for at least 21 days. If one goofs up, the band is moved to the other wrist until the 21 days are reached.

  • Another congregation heard of the plan and requested a shipment of the wristbands. Except they sent them back because they didn?t think the wristbands were good enough.
  • This no-complaints idea came from an Oprah Winfrey show. I decided to try it starting Friday of last week. The proponents claim it will make one much happier. I think they?re on to something.
  • When your vehicle is running and you are parked, does it burn more gas with the brake on or off? With my own unscientific study, I believe it uses more with the brake on.
  • I listened to the engine speed with the brake on and the motor slows just slightly. It activates the braking power assist, which makes the engine work just a little harder using more gasoline.
  • I?m still hooked on ?American Idol.? It?s a show where no one can fake their way to the top.
  • Unless you are Sanjaya. Then another phenomenon comes into play. He makes young girls swoon, and apparently there are millions of them.
  • Melinda Doolittle is my pick to win, but she won?t make it because of me. I haven?t voted since the first season, when I voted once.
  • Please bear with us as we continue upgrading our new Web site. Most of what we are trying to accomplish is coming together, but there is much left to do. Stay tuned.
  • I wasn?t able to write about the Jayhawks? exit from the NCAA tournament last week. It was too fresh to deal with.
  • After the loss to UCLA, my daughter called to see if I was curled up on the floor someplace and not able to make sounds.
  • My wish has come true for finding a way to convert my LP records and cassette tapes to digital files to play on iTunes or convert to CD for the car.
  • Our resident geek, Kevin, told me about a gizmo from Griffin Technologies called iMic, which plugs into the earphone jack of your stereo receiver and then into your USB connection on the computer. Or plug in a microphone and sing into to it. Doesn?t matter. It?s easy.
  • The software Final Vinyl that comes with it is fairly intuitive and has quite a few controls, of which most are over my head. Brother Mark told me the basics on how to operate it and I think it works great. The sound quality is quite good, I think, but who knows? My hearing isn?t the best anymore.
  • I?m getting positive feedback about my glimpses of Hillsboro businesses from the old days. At one per week, this little feature could go on for many years.
  • How can anyone forget the City Cafe located at 116 N. Main? It was first owned by Julius Schultz and later by Smiley Schmidt. For some young kids like me at the time, it was the first place we had ever seen anyone drink beer. I hadn?t heard of a tomato beer either until then.
  • Julius Schultz was the first owner of the Hill Crest Motel. Mr. Schultz was good at stretching a dollar. I don?t believe he owned a car.
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