Hanging up the daily grind

Now that I am nearly eight years past retirement age, I will be ending my daily trips to the office after the first of the year. I agreed to stay on three years after I transferred ownership to the business and now it is nearly five. I sold my interest on April 1, 2014. Where did the time go?

I have agreed to continue to write this column and email it in. I have also agreed to be available by text or phone if they need me, but it is definitely time to turn everything over to the younger people. They all know what to do and can do it faster and better than me.

My motor neuron disease makes it difficult to work so that is another reason to stay at home.

I will have an official book release of “Two Decades of Nonsense. Vol. I & II” at Rhubarb Market on Satur­day, Dec. 15, from 10:30-2:00. If you would like an autographed copy—stop by Rhubarb Market, 104 South Main, grab your favorite coffee and baked items—then come see me. I’m charging $35.00 for the two book set plus Hills­boro’s 8.5% sales tax of $2.98 for a $37.98 total.

See my ad on page 3 of this week’s edition.

There are two errors I need to correct from last week’s column. Giving Tuesday raised $588.40, not $888.40 and the name of Vikings Stadium is US Bank and not Sun Bank stadium. Must be that I wrote “Sun” because it was cloudy most of the time we were in Minnesota.

I really miss Quick Flick and Cora Friesen’s crew who would also help me when I had problems with my cell phone.

I spent nearly two hours on the phone with an Apple person trying to help me get back into my Apple ID.

She was nice, but it wasn’t the same as running over to Quick Flick.

The first thing I plan to do after I am at home is clean out our office. It has become a catch all for as long as we have lived there.

It may take a couple of months to accomplish that—then beyond that I forgot what I was planning to do.

Dan and Katie were here from Dec. 1 through his birthday Dec. 5. This time we didn’t put him to work and he was glad to just relax for a change.

We tried to watch KU-Wofford on ESPN+ and our wifi wouldn’t hook up with the TV so he hooked up his laptop to the TV and we watched that way.

This whole streaming thing is not yet perfected and until they figure out a way to record for watching later, I only use it when I have to.

I think the streaming providers want you to watch on streaming so that you have to watch the ads which you don’t have to do on other means.

It’s not that I don’t like the ads—I want to save time and watch faster. If it weren’t for the ads there would be no streaming just like the Free Press, no ads, no paper.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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