Great day for local art fairs

If you were going to dream up the best kind of day for an arts and crafts festival, it would be like the weekend we just had.

Perfect weather with no wind, no state fair to compete for visitors, no home K-State football game and a home Tabor College football game. All this means is that no one had an excuse not to go to the fair. A great day for selling food and drink, too.


I?ve written this before but I?ll write about it again. I have always said the Free Press classifieds work. Every time I have advertised items, they sold?or if I needed something, such as an employee, it has always worked.

There is another way to make the classifeds work even better and save everyone a lot of time. With the Free Press Swap page on Facebook?something you have to ask to join and is free?you can enhance the effectiveness of your classified.

Post the item with photos on Free Press Swap, then utilize the power of the ad in the paper that everyone in a 30-mile radius receives. Then, when they call and want a better description, you can refer them to the item on the Web.

I can assure you that when people are looking for something, the majority will still be scouring the classifieds for it. Nothing else even comes close to the reach of the Free Press.


There are so many do-it-yourself nightmares out there, it?s ridiculous. The older I get the more I rely on professionals to get the job done.

I heard a story about a guy who rented a floor sander to refinish his hardwood floors. It?s not as easy as you think.

Well, this guy brought the sander in the house, set it in the middle of the room and plugged it in. He didn?t realize it was switched on when he plugged it in and the machine jumped all over the room. It knocked a big hole in a wall before he could catch up with it and turn it off. Actually, if he would have just unplugged it when it first took off, it may have yielded a different result.

Most things, as far as I can tell, are better left to a professional.


Maybe the previous anecdote is why I like to watch ?Rescue My Renova?tion? on HGTV.

I will have to work extra hard in the next week or so before our TV shows start the fall season, when there won?t be any time to do much else. Luckily we can DVR them and watch on our schedule.


I used to take little pieces of cake and then end up taking a few more little pieces before I was done. Now I just take one great big piece and get it over with right away.


I?m sure everyone has already thought of this, but it is three months until Christmas.

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