Grandson is moving ahead

I don’t think I am bragging when I write about my grandson Alex Cameli.

He’s attending the University of Georgia in Athens. He told me long ago that he was going to be a bus driver at the school.

Now that he turned 19 and is old enough to drive a campus bus, we hear as soon as he takes some paid training he will be one of the UGA bus drivers. The buses run 24/7, and I’ll bet he thinks it would be cool to drive during the night or whatever odd hours offered.

Speaking of driving a bus, we had biscuits and gravy with Glenn and Jan Goertz at the Kiwanis biscuits and gravy fundraiser this past Saturday at the senior center.

We were telling them about Alex’s bus driving idea. Glenn said when he was (much) younger he drove a bus in Houston where he was a mechanic.

One of the worker’s there was Red Adair’s dad, who was in charge of the bus company that drove the nursing students there. In case you haven’t heard of Red Adair, he was the guy who put out oil fires all over the world. There is more to the story, but you will have to ask Glenn.

Hillsboro has a few opportunities for the younger folks to start their own businesses. There are a number of open places around town. Think of something that isn’t available in our immediate area and go for it.

If you can make Internet sales a component of your idea that would be another way of guaranteeing sales.

We congratulate Eric Driggers for building a new pharmacy with the drive-thru feature that I believe will be welcomed and used by many, including me.

The new pharmacy will be open by the time you read this. They have been asking what kinds of products you would like to see in their spacious store.

Not only is Alex driving a bus soon, he is also taking a summer course Interdisciplinary Field Program, which includes anthropology, geology and ecology.

It’s a 12-week course that covers 10,000 miles and 20 national parks and monuments. I believe there are 16 students plus the faculty who accompany them. The whole program is worth 12 credit hours. I am envious of this outstanding opportunity and glad for Alex.

I guess he isn’t coming to Kansas this time, as school starts shortly after he returns from summer school.

Kevin, Shelley and I were happy to see the “Huddle Up, Hutch” hardcover book that arrived this past week. It contains 440 pages, full of photos and features about those who had a part in Hutchinson High’s storied history.

The book was research­ed and written over seven years by former coach Steve Miller, who coached in the ’80s. His wife, Rosemary, collaborated with him. It is an amazing piece of work. It weighs about five pounds.

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