GPS a bit complex for most

More and more people I know are buying a GPS system to aid in their travels. I started checking them out myself, but the reviews seem to indicate they all have some type of flaw or are too complicated to use when considering all of the features.

If you have lived in central Kansas all of your life and don?t venture too far from home, you probably don?t need one.

I know we could have used one in Florida a couple of years ago when we drove in circles at the Miami airport trying to get out of there and to our hotel.

  • After watching all of the extremely hard fouls in basketball these days I am wondering why there aren?t more intentional fouls called. The intention is for the offensive player to be fouled so hard they can?t possibly make the shot.

    Seems to me this rule is seldom enforced, so why don?t they just get rid of it?

  • We?re already making plans for our grandsons to come to Kansas for the Marion County Fair in July. Don?t forget that the fair is early again this year? running from July 23-26.

    The boys really like coming here and I think their parents also enjoy having a short break, too.

    After being in Atlanta and watching how much work it is to raise children I?m wondering how we did all of that. I think it helps to be much younger.

  • I have always liked new experiences, so I recently purchased a ticket to ride the Greyhound bus to Des Moines in April.

    I?ll be riding back with Free Press staffers who will be joining me at the Midwest Free Community Papers spring conven?tion and trade show.

    Since I need to be there a day early it made sense to ride the bus. The price was right too?just $40.

  • Last Thursday was the perfect day to have a hearing in Wichita Municipal Court for the speeding ticket I received in January. An 8:30 a.m. court date and icy roads to drive on.

    Since I had never been in court before it was a real eye-opener for me. The judge entered a plea of not guilty for everyone, explained the process and then proceeded to call people in alphabetical order.

    If you wished to speak with the prosecutor you had that opportunity before going up to the bench in front of the judge.

    When I spoke with the prosecutor I learned that by furnishing proof of insurance I shaved $300 off my fine.

    The night I was stopped I had five expired proof of insurance papers but couldn?t find the current one. Word to the wise: Have your current proof of insurance with you.

    He also told me I could go to trial if I felt the ticket was in error, which would be another $25 and take all day. Or I could pay an additional $90 and have the violation changed from a moving to a non-moving violation, which wouldn?t go on my record.

    Suddenly, it felt like it was more about the money than guilt or innocence.

    Not wishing to spend any more time on this problem I changed my plea to guilty, even though I felt I wasn?t, and moved on to the cashier?s window.

    Since they accepted credit cards, I used it to take advantage of travel miles.

  • Leap year adds another day to the calendar this Friday. If you?re figuring how much more time we all get per day it averages about four minutes.

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