Good trip over the weekend

We de­cided to take a long weekend trip to Rogers, Ark., last week to see longtime friends there since it had been a while since we had seen them.

In addition to having a great time there, we were able to finally eat at the cafe in Beaumont on the way down; it had never been open the other times we had been there.

It was lunch time and the special that day was the hot roast beef sandwich. Mighty tasty and definitely worth the stop.

While driving around in downtown Rogers I asked if we could stop at Walter’s Boot and Shoe Repair. I went in and asked if Carl was there and was told no, not today.

I knew he had moved the entire operation of Walter’s Shoe Repair from Hillsboro to Rogers many years ago at the time in life when most people retire.

Carl is now 94 years old and his wife, Dorothy, 90.

My mom and Dorothy worked together as nurses at Salem Hospital back in the day.

Carl’s nephew Aaron and wife Kim run the repair business now. Aaron learned the trade from his dad, who was also in the shoe repair business in California.

I explained my connection with the Walters to Kim—Aaron was way too busy to stop and talk that day. And probably would be too busy any other day the way it appeared.

I also told Kim the front doors on the Free Press office came from Carl’s shop when the building was torn down. Kim asked me to email a photo of the door, which I have done.

The Rogers’ shoe shop smells just like the Hills­boro shop from days long ago.

If you want to see Carl’s in Rogers, go here on Facebook: Walters­Boot­andShoe Repair.

The gingerbread boy went to the doctor complaining about his knee.

The doc says, “Have you tried icing it?”

Honesty is always the best policy. I learned it a long time ago at my first big job with Josten’s yearbook company in Cambridge, Md.

Just out of college, I took a job with American Year­book Co. where I was the liaison between the schools, the salesman and the printing company.

The salesmen were king and made lots and lots of money.

One time a sales guy forgot to turn in a Catholic school’s cover design and the books were not going to ship on time for their party.

So the salesman told me to tell the head nun at the school that their books were going to be late because the covers were made wrong and I knew they didn’t want that.

Then I got a big surprise. She thanked me for being so honest. Never again.

A few good old boys went on a hunting trip and came to a sign in the road that read “Bear Left.” So they went home.

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