Getting the details correct

Since my
an?nounce?ment last week, I have heard some things that surprised me.

My decision to sell my part of the business was purposefully done. Based on what I have seen with the new owners so far, the company is in very good hands.

And no one will lose his or her job at the paper with the transition.

Many new opportunities come with putting two news?paper operations together, and we look forward to what will merge.

I am now the former publisher, along with being a book and printing consultant. This will fit me perfectly.

I am glad to be a part of the management team?Joey, Don and me.


I don?t know about you, but I am getting tired of the cooler than normal weather this spring. Looks like it will go directly from winter to summer this year.


I read in Editor and Publisher that newspapers are in good hands with the next generation. It was talking about those who are 25 to 35 years of age.

They are smart, educated and innovative. To them, newspaper doesn?t just mean a foldable product but a clickable product as well. They see themselves in the content business and in the media business.

This makes perfect sense to me.


I didn?t realize it until I read the Sunday morning Eagle that an experiment had been tried with the first two games of the Final Four.

They broadcast each game on two different channels with a ?homer? bias by the announcers for each team. Then a third channel was supposedly broadcasting without bias.

I wish I had known about that sooner. I was tiring of the Kentucky bias I was hearing for the second game.


We are planning a more leisurely trip to Atlanta later this spring. We haven?t driven there since 1998 when Alex was born. It is about 15 hours in the car which we can divide into two days if we want to.

And we don?t have to catch a plane at a specific time, like before. Plus, the cost of tickets has more than doubled since the last time we flew?not to mention that Air Tran was bought out by Southwest and its flights to Atlanta are no longer direct flights but now go through Chicago Midway.


It has been a rough winter for someone like me who is used to walking when the temperature is between 30 and 90 degrees.

I?m mainly talking about the low end of the scale. Many days it has been below 30 in the morning, and having a broken rib for six weeks didn?t make it any easier.

The reason I mention all of this is because I went shopping to buy some new jeans and slacks and ?my size? didn?t fit any more. And I refused to buy any that were a size larger.

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