Gas prices were way low in ’65

Does anyone remember when you could buy a gallon of gas in Hillsboro for 22¢ and have your oil checked and the front floor mats vacuumed to boot? I did in 1965.

There was no such thing as self-service and gas was always available on Sundays because the stations took turns being open on Sunday so people could fill their tanks.

I don’t remember when self-service gas came into vogue, but if I recall correctly it was Kerr-McGee in Hillsboro.

They were smart and ran an ad in the newspaper so people would know which gas station was open.

Have you ever tried to remove an evergreen spreader from your front yard? Well, I can now say I have done it—and I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself.

In retrospect, I should have hired someone with a Bobcat or a backhoe. It would have been done very quickly and caused much less sweat.

As much as Geico insurance advertises on tele­vision I know of only one person who has it, and it isn’t me. I do like their ads, though. They are some of the funniest, goofiest ads on the tube.

I recently drank an A&W Root Beer and noticed that it says, “Since 1919, so it will be 100 years old next year.

Stopping at the A&W was always a big treat and especially the root beer float.

When I was a kid I used to mix lime and grape Kool-Aid, together with 7-Up, and it made root beer. At least I used to think so.

We were never allowed to drink soda pop when I was grade-school age. It was water or Kool-Aid or nothing. Except when we went on a trip and stopped at a roadside burger joint; then we had Nehi Orange or Grape.

It was an agonizing decision because you never knew when you would have the opportunity to have another.

Dan and Katie were just here and we found a new good place to eat and another previous place to eat that we have patronized since Dan was a small boy.

The places I am writing about are The Coneburg in Peabody and Savute’s on North Broadway in Wichita.

We ate at the Coneburg for the first time this past Wednesday—and it won’t be the last. We all ordered something different and it was all extremely good and was served piping hot. If you haven’t been there, I suggest you make plans to go first chance you get.

On the way to the airport, we stopped at our old favorite place, which has been in business for 74 years. It’s the place where Nancy’s folks took her as a child, and then I got to go with them when I started dating her—which is more than 51 years now, since we celebrated our 51st anniversary this past Friday.

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