‘Future’ talk sounded uncertain

While on a recent flight, I overheard two 30-something guys discussing their businesses and their futures. One of them said he thought it was just plain wrong for our U.S. congressmen to be able to retire with about 10 times the monthly income of the average person on Social Security. They were also worried about the tax burden coming their way?and rightly so.

When you think about it, entitlements such as those mentioned above are wrong and also unsustainable. In case you haven?t picked up on how I feel about our representatives in Washington, I have absolutely no respect for what they have done. Somehow the raiding of the U.S. treasury has got to stop, but who is going to stop it?


The Camelis had been on the beach in Florida for a week recently with friends and their boys from Kansas so I thought I?d call to see how it went.

Louis answered the phone, and I was amazed at how grown up he sounded. He said they had spent a lot of time on the beach. When they were there, the oil hadn?t yet arrived at the panhandle of Florida.

We?re really looking forward to the both boys coming to stay with us for the Marion County Fair again this year. They?ll soon be too old to want to come see us for that long of a time during the summer. Looks like they?ll be here for about two weeks again. Can?t wait.

I?m hoping to get them to write something about their perceptions of Kansas for my column while they?re here.


We keep getting letters from the IRS stating that we owe more tax and also interest and penalties. They said we didn?t make one of our estimate payments last June. So we sent them a copy of the canceled check, thinking that would take care of it.

Not so. The latest letter said we need to pay this right away to prevent further interest and penalties. But it also said that if we have already paid the amount or have made arrangements to pay it, then we can disregard the letter. What a great use of their time and mine.


I would be in favor of the flat tax. That way everyone pays a fair share, there are no exemptions (except maybe basic food necessities), no time or money spent on preparing a tax return that has become so convoluted that 10 people would come up with 10 different returns for the same person.

We already have the mechanism in place for sending sales tax to the government. Again, how will this ever happen?


Pie baking has become so easy even I can do it. Just go to the farmer?s market and buy one. Then heat it up and apply ice cream.


The same is true for zwiebach. Buy them there, get out the jelly jar and enjoy.


I?m sure there?s a way to keep track of all of one?s passwords but I haven?t found it. I somehow have three Facebook accounts and can?t remember how many times I?ve had to reset the password.

It?s the same for banking: too many passwords. I write them down on a piece of paper, then can?t remember where I put it.


If you attended the HHS?All-School Reunion banquet, or even if you didn?t, we have posted a slide show on the Free Press Web site. Go to the right side of the home page and click on the Trojan.

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