Free papers subsidize your stamp

Most people probably haven?t stopped to think about the value of receiving free publications like the Free Press in the mail, in addition to the content. The latest figure I read was that the circu?la??tion of free papers in this country is about 90 million copies per week. A majority of these are sent through the U.S. mail.


What that means is that your first-class postage stamp is subsidized a great deal by saturation mailers like us. The average family doesn?t spend thousands of dollars per week on postage stamps yet is able to send a birthday card to grandma anywhere in the United States for only 41?.

Couldn?t happen without the revenue from the big mailers.

  • We recently ran a front page story about the feral cat situation in our county. Some folks took it to mean we don?t like cats.

    Just because we run articles doesn?t mean we are taking a position. We leave our positions to the opinion page, which has nothing to do with news?although the editorial often is about what is in the news.

  • At the beginning of the football season I never thought my football Jayhawks would be ranked as high as my basketball Jayhawks?both at No. 4 this week. That they would score 76 points on the Nebraska Cornhuskers with 10 straight scores would have been a fairy tale even a week ago.

  • So how does Nebraska football fall this far in such a short time? I think it is leadership.

    The people in charge really do make a difference. And that goes for any entity you wish to talk about, whether it?s a sports team, organization or business.

    Put Tom Osborne back at the helm and, given a little time, things would be back to the way they used to be. Wait, leave the current staff in place. Saturday was really fun.

  • Since I?ve been staying close to home these days, I realized if one doesn?t work on a Saturday in November it seems like a New Year?s Day holiday.

    Football all day?actually more football than on the real New Year?s. Snacks all day, too.

  • Recently I lamented that the last sliver of soap was always wasted. Tim Kliewer came to the rescue with this e-mail:

    ?I have used every last sliver of soap for many years. How? Before the sliver gets too small, start a new bar of soap. At the same time use the sliver to get it wet and pliable.

    ?At the end of your shower or bath, place the sliver on top of the new bar, using both hands to cover the four sides to keep the two parts from slipping out of your hands, press them firmly together. Set them aside to dry with the new bar on top of the sliver.

    ?When they dry they are firmly glued together and function as one bar. Thus you haven?t wasted even a tiny piece of soap.

    ?Try it you'll like it.?

  • High-definition TV is coming and I?m not ready. Many people I know already have HD TV and I just realized that by February 2009 everyone will need to convert to the digital signal mandated by Congress.

    My early 2000 model Zenith is still working quite well and had I never seen HD TV I wouldn?t know what I am missing.

    To get all of the facts and to know what is coming check out this Web site:

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