Free papers are a big deal here

This is National Free Paper Week?. Big deal? Yes, we think it is.

In a day where everything costs a lot more than it did a decade ago, a publication that provides community news and advertising news to its readers? free each week?is a big deal. Add the free online version and it?s an even bigger deal.

Freedom of the press is also a big deal, and though our name carries the word Free, its meaning pertains primarily to freedom of speech, not necessarily that it comes to you at no charge.

We would be remiss not to thank our many loyal advertisers who make it possible for you to receive our newspaper at your home, your place of business and online at no cost to you.

We?re glad we have made the connection with all of you and appreciate all of our loyal readers as well.


Natalie, of the Free Press, told me the other day her uncle said that picking up pennies over a lifetime is equal to $18 per hour. She mentioned this right after I found a penny on the ground and picked it up.

Her uncle?s equation works out if you can pick up a penny every two seconds. So, picking up quarters would be worth $450 per hour?and they are much harder to find.


The Marion High School girls? basketball team, under coach Randy Savage, gets our vote for the best run in Class 3A girls? basketball and for getting to the championship game this past Saturday. The team has created memories that will last a lifetime. It?s just unfortunate they came up a little short.


I love March Madness. I don?t think I can legally use that phrase, but what else can one call it? The third KU-KSU showdown in the Big 12 Tournament championship game turned out great for me.

Now on to the big dance. If all of the stars and the moon line up correctly, these two teams could meet for a fourth time in St. Louis in the Final Four. Wouldn?t that be a dream game?

A lot could happen before then, and that?s why it?s called March Madness. I may have to attach a seatbelt to my chair for the games ahead.


We have added a ?Forum? on our Free Press Web site for discussing any topic the participants wish to discuss. The tab for the Forum is located at the top right of the Free Press home page. All you need to do is register to participate in the forums.

Since so many people in Hillsboro have had so much trouble with Embarq DSL service, I started a discussion on that topic and invite others to add their input. Then we can alert Embarq/Century Link to take a look at what?s going on and hopefully get some help.

I started a post on Saturday and there?s already another post with a list of more DSL problems. So, please add your two cents if you are willing.

We also have a share-your-photos section on the Forum. I posted a fishing photo to get the ball rolling. What photos do you want to share?


The difference in customer service from one company to the next can be like night and day. One call I made last week took me through myriad menus and numbers to enter, and I never got where I needed to go.

Then I called another company. A real person answered and directed me to the friendliest person I have ever encountered on the phone.

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