Former staff back for advice

Last week was exciting, and this next week won’t be any less exciting. In fact the whole summer is filling up with lots of activity for us.

Last Friday I reconnected with a longtime friend and former sales associate at the Free Press, David Hanigar. He and Dr. Kim Hanigar, formerly of the Hillsboro Family Prac­tice Clinic, moved back to Oklahoma to be a doctor in Kim’s home town a little less than 20 years ago.

Since that time David has become a minister and is planting a new church. He and an associate of his came to Hillsboro to pick my brain—which didn’t take long—about how I might help them accomplish what they want to do given the experience I have.

David has a blog that is both in text and video. If you would like to see it, go here: then scroll down and click on Pastor’s Blog.

I believe this will be a rewarding experience for me and a few of our staff members. I am eager to start helping as best I can.

Smart phones have become such a big part of our lives. I heard that an adult who has a smart phone, and is used to enlarging photos on her phone, finds herself trying to spread photos in the Free Press to enlarge them.

Last Wednesday and Thursday—up Wednesday since I had an early appointment the next day, and back Thursday—Nancy drove us to Kansas City to the KU Med Center for three appointments with my neuro doctors for routine visits and for trying to improve my vision.

My neuro ophthal­mologist asked me if I had suffered a skull fracture in the fall, since he determined that I have Trauma sixth cranial nerve palsy, which he thought was probably caused by a base of the skull fracture. He prescribed a plastic prism for my glasses, which was immediately placed at the KU Eye Clinic. He said to come back in eight weeks. and if the problem isn’t better by then, he and I will have a meeting in the OR.

I have joined two worldwide support groups for the two conditions that I have to learn more about how others deal with the same types of issues. One is PLS and the other is HFS. Primary Lateral Sclerosis and Hemifacial Spasm.

There is much to learn and read on these Facebook groups. This is one of the great ways to connect with people all over the world who share these conditions.

One person once asked where everyone was from, and literally they are from all over the world.

It appears to me that the United States is ahead in research. Last Thursday I volunteered to participate in a clinical research study administered by the KU Neurology Department, which is funded by the National Institute of Health. I am committed for three years.

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