Font issue driving us dingbats

My column last week had ?n?s? between the items instead of the usual square boxes (dingbats).

Dingbats is a font with all kinds of characters that are not part of the alphabet. We have that font installed on all of our computers but it has been acting up for months already.

I could say that it was a computer glitch or I could tell you that ?n? stands for Nancy or nonsense or nada or n?scht (which I think means nothing in German) or I could ignore it and hope it doesn?t happen again.


The mystery has been solved about the two photos that someone dropped off in our mail slot a while back and I couldn?t figure out where they came from. I thought someone was trying to mess with me.

I don?t really know how this happens but for the record I was told by one of my clients that he was going to drop two photos for his book in our mail slot over?night.

One day later I had already forgotten about that and the mystery of the two photos began. Then co-staffer Shelley tells me the two mystery photos must be the ones for the book that were missing. And I still didn?t catch on right away.

My multi-tasking skills are fading fast.


Good reasons not to trust the U.S. Congress and good reasons why their approval ratings are so low include the following.

First was the uproar over the Olympic uniforms being made in China when many of the policies they have created have made it more profitable for U.S. companies to have items made in China rather than in the United States. Since fair trade was enacted, 80 percent of U.S. jobs are in the service sector. We have lost our middle class because all of the manufacturing jobs have vanished from this country.

Now it?s all about tax returns and who should reveal them?anyone but our elected officials who make the rules. Different sets of rules apply to the masses than do them. It isn?t going to get any better.


Definition of eternal optimism and a hopeful investment for the future: installing new windshield wipers on your car.


If you feel like playing Hop?scotch, you can do it on the sidewalk in front of Jost Plumbing, where some young person has drawn the boxes on the sidewalk.


I quit my Facebook page about three weeks ago and I really haven?t missed it except for the photos that my kids post and the posts from a few friends. And there are a few business organizations I need to be aware of.

So, as much as I don?t want to reinstate it, I?ll have to compromise my principles and log back in to it. I?ll just unsubscribe to everything I don?t need and keep just what I want.

And I won?t post or comment on the site, which got me off track in the first place. It is one thing to have principles and another to shoot yourself in the foot over it.


Principles on other matters have caused me, for example, to boycott professional baseball since the 1992 strike that put all of the concessions folks out of work and took away income they desperately needed. I still do not watch Major League Baseball on TV or read about it in the newspaper.

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