Flying was tough on my arms

We just flew in from Atlanta, and man, are my arms tired.

I may have used this before, but I don’t care.

I think older people like me start to feel like they don’t need to make any excuses for what they say or how they act.

I have noticed it myself recently, and I need to stop it.

I am finally running Century Link off of my property and it feels great.

Just signed up for cable internet, which comes into our house from the fiber line that runs through our alley.

We will be saving more than $25 per month for a much faster speed. Going from 10Mbts down to 30 and from 712Kbts up to 3 up.

I did a speed test on it and it is always the speed they say or very near to it.

If you have never had Eagle before, you need to talk with Bud York and not the office—his deal is better.

I have been a detractor of Facebook until recently, when I have joined closed groups that the subject matter is one specific thing and not all of the other B.S. you get on regular Facebook.

The latest one is about Hillsboro’s history, plus the area and all of the comments are about the photos posted and comments made.

It is: You know you’re from Hillsboro, KS when…. You have to ask to join, and if the gatekeeper lets you in, then you’re in.

The closed group has photos and old phone books and much more.

This is the stuff that intrigues me. I have commented and posted so many times on it already, it is almost like a full-time job.

We ate at the Pizza Hut last Thursday, and I reached in my pocket for something—I don’t remember what, but I heard something fall. I started to reach down and then Nancy looked and said it was a coin, and that I should leave it there.

When I got dressed the next morning I was missing my metal cylinder that contains nitroglycerin in case my heart acts up. I have never had to use it, but you never know….

I don’t know if anyone else watches, or watched, “The Americans” on Fox TV, but last week’s episode was the final one.

The show was created by a former CIA agent. The show is set in Washington, D.C., and is about two KGB agents living in plain sight. Their marriage was arranged in Russia by the KGB. The ending was very well crafted as their lives crashed in on them, leaving their son at college in the U.S. while fleeing the country to their homeland.

The daughter is fleeing with them, but gets off of the train as they flee through Canada.

I really like jokes about goats.

A be-bop bystander was watching a goat who fell into a whirling cement mixer said, “Look at that crazy mixed-up kid.”

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